What is the age of Romeo?

In Shakespeare's original story, Romeo is given the age of 16 years and Juliet is given the age of 13 years. The Montague and Capulet families originated in the Divine Comedy by the Italian author Dante Aligheri, rather than in Shakespeare.

What is the age of Romeo in Romeo and Juliet?

However, in the English poem the story is based on (Romeus and Juliet by Arthur Brooke) Juliet is approaching her sixteenth birthday and Romeo is the same age whereas in the Bandello novella she is nearly eighteen with Romeo about twenty.

Is Juliet 13 or 14?

Because actors ostensibly need training and skill to navigate Shakespeare's words, most productions of Romeo and Juliet cast performers who are older than the characters as he wrote them: Juliet is 13 (“she hath not seen the change of fourteen years,” according to her father); Romeo's age is unspecified, but he's ...

What is Romeo and Juliet's age gap?

In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Juliet was 13 years old. Romeo's age is never specified, but some say he was anywhere from 16 to 21 years old. Most agree he was several years older than Juliet. The story goes that the two find forbidden love, secretly marry, and end up taking their own lives.

How old was Romeo when he died?

Romeo and Juliet were teenagers when they died in the play Romeo and Juliet, with Juliet being thirteen years old, nearly fourteen. We do not know Romeo's age; he is treated as a man and, but described as young and appears to be youthful. He could be anywhere from fifteen to twenty, even slightly younger or older.

How old was Romeo and Juliet when they got married?

Is Romeo 30 years old?

In Shakespeare's original story, Romeo is given the age of 16 years and Juliet is given the age of 13 years.

Who kills Romeo?

Enraged, Romeo declares that his love for Juliet has made him effeminate, and that he should have fought Tybalt in Mercutio's place. When Tybalt, still angry, storms back onto the scene, Romeo draws his sword. They fight, and Romeo kills Tybalt.

How old is Juliet exactly?

Juliet is just 13 years old.

We know that Romeo and Juliet are a young couple in love—but it's easy to miss just how young Juliet is. In Act I, Scene III, Lady Capulet says that Juliet is “not [yet] fourteen.” She is actually just about two weeks shy of her 14th birthday.

How mature is Romeo?

During the course of the play, Romeo matures from adolescence to adulthood as a result of his love for Juliet and his unfortunate involvement in the feud, marking his development from a comic character to a tragic figure.

Is Romeo and Juliet a 12?

Prostitution, brief nudity, teen sex, gang-related deaths, car assaults, bloody fistfights, and a gangster pointing a pistol directly at a child's face, makes this film inappropriate for kids under the age of 17.

Is Juliet black?

In fact, the Montagues, Capulets, and royals of Verona have families that are more diverse than entire seasons of Girls. Juliet is white but her cousins, Rosaline and Livia, are Black. Prince Escalus is Black and so was his father.

Did Romeo and Juliet sleep together?

They did sleep together after their mystery marriage. Usually made clear in act 3, scene 5, when they wake up in bed together at first light. Juliet inclinations Romeo to take off some time recently her relatives discover him and slaughter him.

What is Juliet's famous line?

Wherefore art thou Romeo? (I. ii.) This line may be one of the most frequently quoted, and frequently misunderstood, lines in all of Shakespeare. Though Juliet is standing on her balcony, unaware of Romeo below her, the line doesn't mean she's asking where he is.

What is the full name of Romeo?

Romeo Montague (Italian: Romeo Montecchi) is the male protagonist of William Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet. The son of Lord Montague and his wife, Lady Montague, he secretly loves and marries Juliet, a member of the rival House of Capulet, through a priest named Friar Laurence.

Were was Romeo born?

Early life. Romeo was born in 1579 in Verona. Not much is known of Romeo until the year of his death, at the young age of sixteen.

Is Romeo mature or immature?

Romeo is especially immature, in that he forgets Rosaline so quickly, and moves on without realising his mistake of falling in love to quickly. This immaturity leads to the proclaiming of their love for one another on the balcony, and eventually their hasty marriage, in Act 2 Scene 2 and Act 2 Scene 6.

Do Romeo fall in love so quickly?

Don't fall in love too quickly, this is Shakespeare's warning to us when he says, "Wisely and slow/they stumble that run fast." The entirety of the play's theme is summed up in this quote. The whole play takes place in a time span of three days and in those three days they fall in love, get married,…show more content…

Is Rosaline older than Romeo?

Rosaline (or Rosey, as she prefers to be called) is an older woman who Romeo has been infatuated with ever since he worked with her remodeling the terrace in their high class Verona home.

Are Romeo and Juliet real?

Just so we're clear, neither Romeo nor Juliet were real people, the story setting long ago migrated to Verona (which to this day lives off Juliet tourism), and two teenagers who committed suicide in the misty past before reproducing could not by definition have descendants.

How old is Tybalt?

Tybalt's age is not revealed in Romeo and Juliet. He's Juliet's older cousin by several years, which means he is likely in his early to mid-twenties. He is a prominent member of the Capulet house, and his death ignites a new level of animosity between the two warring families.

Is Romeo and Juliet real life story?

The story is, indeed, based on the life of two real lovers who lived and died for each other in Verona, Italy in 1303. Shakespeare is known to have discovered this tragic love story in Arthur Brooke's 1562 poem entitled “The Tragical History of Romeo and Juliet”.

Who kills Juliet?

Rather than stay with her, the Friar leaves the tomb and Juliet is left alone. She then kills herself with Romeo's dagger.

Who killed himself first Romeo or Juliet?

The deaths of Romeo and Juliet occur in a sequence of compounding stages: first, Juliet drinks a potion that makes her appear dead. Thinking her dead, Romeo then drinks a poison that actually kills him. Seeing him dead, Juliet stabs herself through the heart with a dagger.

Who dies last in Romeo and Juliet?

At the end of Romeo and Juliet , Romeo returns to Verona because he believes Juliet is dead. When he arrives at her tomb she appears lifeless, and in his grief he kills himself by drinking poison. Moments later Juliet wakes, and, finding Romeo dead, she plunges his sword into her breast.
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