What is period flu?

Period flu describes a group of symptoms that some people experience just before their period. It has a connection to changes in hormone levels during a person's menstrual cycle. Some of the symptoms, such as body aches and fatigue, can make people feel as though they are coming down with the flu.

What are period flu symptoms?

"Menstrual-related symptoms that are flu-like include bloating, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, a feeling of heat, and headaches," she tells us. Of course, menstrual cramps are a well-known period symptom, but intestinal cramps can be associated with the flu, and some women also experience this type of cramping, she adds.

How do I get rid of period flu?

What Can I Do to Manage Period Flu Symptoms?
  1. Use birth control pills. Hormonal birth control can also help ease pain and thin your uterine lining to lower prostaglandin production. ...
  2. Take antidiarrheal medications. OTC drugs may clear up diarrhea or nausea.
  3. Try heat therapy. ...
  4. Get a massage.

Is period flu a real thing?

“Period flu” is not a medical term, but it describes various flu-like symptoms that some people experience before their period. The fluctuating symptoms and their impact on your life are not in your head.

Why do I get the flu during my period?

Causes of Period Flu

Several sex hormones—and how they impact and interact with certain neurotransmitters—are thought to contribute to period flu symptoms, according to a 2022 scientific review, which suggests estrogen and serotonin fluctuations may cause symptoms like fatigue.

Is It Normal to Get a Fever during Your Period?

Is period flu the same as PMS?

Unlike PMS, period flu goes beyond the hallmark crankiness and bloating, instead dealing more with physical, rather than emotional, symptoms. For instance, muscle aches, migraines, diarrhea, hot flashes and even a low-grade fever.

Can period flu cause sore throat?

It's important to note, though, that common period flu symptoms don't include a fever, sore throat, and congestion — signs that indicate you might truly be suffering from a cold or the flu virus.

How long does a period flu last?

Episodes of period flu generally last no more than 2 weeks . The symptoms typically start after ovulation, in the last 2 weeks of an average 28-day menstrual cycle. Period flu symptoms usually improve after a period begins and disappear by the time it ends.

Can you prevent period flu?

Taking hormonal birth control can help keep them more consistent and lower your risk of developing period flu symptoms. Take an NSAID early. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen and naproxen can help tackle symptoms like achiness, joint pain, and headaches.

Why am I freezing on my period?

Estrogen triggers the mechanism that shuts down blood flow to your extremities, he explains. For this reason, research has shown women tend to feel colder during the parts of their menstrual cycle when their estrogen levels spike.

Is your immune system weaker on your period?

Lastly, during menstruation, your body's inflammatory responses return, which means you may experience worse symptoms from chronic health conditions. At this point, the function of your immune cells is reduced, so you may struggle to fight off bacteria and therefore be at an elevated risk of getting sick.

Why do I feel sick and tired on my period?

During the second half of the menstrual cycle, around the time women start experiencing symptoms of PMS, estrogen levels peak and then fall quickly – causing you to feel tired or sluggish.

What is the best position to sleep on your period?

Sleep in the fetal position: If you're normally a back or stomach sleeper, try rolling to your side and tucking in your arms and legs. This position takes pressure off your abdominal muscles and is the best sleeping position to relieve tension that can make cramping worse.

Should you sleep more on your period?

"This is not well-known but I think it should be,” Dr Harrington tells me, down the phone. Young fertile women need an extra half an hour, minimum, in the second half of our cycles, due to the increase in progesterone, which leaves us sleepy, she says.

Why do I feel feverish during my period?

You may even find yourself asking, “how can you get a fever during your period?” Due to a rise in basal core body temperature during your menstrual cycle, low-grade fever during a period is normal, thanks to hormonal fluctuations.

Can your period make you super sick?

Flu-like symptoms such as headache, nausea, and even fever are just some of the complaints that have people wondering if they're getting sick or going crazy during that time of the month. The good news: You're not crazy or alone — period flu is definitely a thing, based on anecdotal evidence.

What illness makes your period worse?

Heavy menstrual bleeding can be caused by hormonal imbalances, structural abnormalities in the uterus (such as poles or fibroids), other medical conditions (such as thyroid problems, blood clotting disorders, liver or kidney disease, leukemia, complications from IUD, miscarriage, and infections).

When is a woman's immune system weakest?

Ovulation makes the immune system more lax.

And during that period of ovulation, 2012 research from the Journal of Leukocyte Biology suggests, the immune system's function takes a dip to potentially accommodate outside cells (a.k.a. sperm) into the body.

Why is my girlfriend always cold?

A slower metabolism causes women to produce less heat so they tend to feel colder. “It's simple physics,” says Boris Kingma, PhD, a thermophysiologist, at The Netherlands Institute for Applied Science (TNO). “If you lose more heat than your body produces, your body temperature will go down and you will sense that.”

Why should we avoid cold things during periods?

Vata which regulates movement in the body should be kept in balance during periods by having warm meals and avoiding cold foods and drinks. Cold foods aggravate Vata which can result in increased pain and discomfort. Even for Pitta and Kapha doshas, it is advised to restrict cooling foods during periods.

Why do periods get worse when it's cold?

You may also notice your periods are more painful during winter. The culprit is likely that your blood vessels compress when it's cold, which can interfere with blood flow and contribute to an increase in period pain.

Why do I get shooting pains up my bum on my period?

"As a period begins, cells that line the uterus called endometrial cells break down and let out hormones known as prostaglandins," Jennifer Wider, MD, women's health expert, told Health. "Prostaglandins can cause inflammation and contraction—and some women experience contraction of the muscles in the bowel and rectum."

Is it true that you Cannot drink cold water during menstruation?

Cold water has no negative impact on our health or menstrual cycle. Myth: Drinking cold water makes a period stop. Fact: Cold water has no impact on menstrual cycle. Menstruation is linked to the reproductive system, and drinking/eating is linked to the digestive system.

Is Coca Cola good for menstruation?

Caffeinated beverages might make your cramps worse

She said you want to try to avoid consuming a lot of caffeine just before and during your period because it can increase how many cramps you experience and cause vasoconstriction (the narrowing of blood vessels), which "can further worsen cramps during your period."

What should not be eaten in periods?

Canned foods, heavily processed meat, and other items made with chemicals and preservatives can make bloating and water retention worse. High levels of sodium are unhealthy at any time of the month, but they do even more damage during your period.
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