What does NS mean on a tap?

tap with 20 threads per inch (pitch), and has a NS (American National Special Thread) thread form. The tap is made from High Speed Steel, and the GH-3 pitch diameter limit symbol indicates a Ground Thread tap with pitch diameter limits . 0010 to .

What are the 3 types of taps?

Tapping tools are divided into four types: straight flute tap, spiral point tap, spiral fuse tap and forming tap.

What do the letters on a tap mean?

These two letters are followed by a numeral showing the tolerance of pitch diameter oversize as follows: H1 = Basic to Plus 0.0005" H2 = Basic Plus 0.0005" to Plus 0.0010" H3 = Basic Plus 0.0010" to Plus 0.0015" H4 = Basic Plus 0.0015" to Plus 0.0020"

What does NS mean on a bolt?

The NS (American National Thread-Special) thread type was absorbed (in a way) into the Unified Series during WW2. Apparently there were/are "subtle", "benign", or "minor" differences between the NS and UNS thread.

What does NF stand for on a tap?

US Standard Threads are measured in TPI (Threads per Inch). They are measured by finding the number of thread crests in 1" of threads. They are separated into Coarse (NC, National Coarse) and Fine (NF, National Fine) threads. Other Names: Imperial, Inch, Fractional, Unified. Coarse Thread - NC.

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What does GH stand for on tap?

GH Numbers

"G" designates Ground Thread. "H" designates the pitch diameter is on high side of basic. These two letters (GH) are followed by a numeral indicating the Tolerance of Pitch diameter oversize.

What does NS stand for?

Nanosecond (abbreviated "ns"), a measure of time.

What Does NS number mean?

NSNumber is a subclass of NSValue that offers a value as any C scalar (numeric) type. It defines a set of methods specifically for setting and accessing the value as a signed or unsigned char , short int , int , long int , long long int , float , or double or as a BOOL .

What mean size NS?

A: I am going to take a guess and say it could possible mean “no size”. I ordered this product and it only comes in one size.

How do you read a tap code?

Each letter is communicated by tapping two numbers, the first designating the row and the second (after a pause) designating the column. For example, to specify the letter "B", one taps once, pauses, and then taps twice. The listener only needs to discriminate the timing of the taps to isolate letters.

How do I decode a tap code?

How to decrypt Tap code cipher? The decryption of the tap code requires knowing the grid and counting the numbers of tap/knock by arranging them in groups of 2 forming the coordinates (line, column) of each letter of the plain message.

What does D3 mean on a tap?

H1 or D1= Basic plus .0000” to basic plus .0005” H2 or D2= Basic plus .0005” to basic plus .0010” H3 or D3= Basic plus .0010” to basic plus .0015” H4 or D4= Basic plus .0015” to basic plus .0020”

What is an M4 tap?

This M4 x 0.7mm thread starting tap can be used for cutting new threads or to clean up damaged threads in a previously tapped hole. This tap has several tapered threads at the end to guide the tap into the hole and begin cutting threads.

How are taps classified?

Standard taps are either standard coarse series threads NC (1/4-20), fine series threads NF (1/4-28) or extra fine series NEF (1/4-32). There are other standard tap designations such as NPT or NPTF for tapered pipe threads. Special taps are usually designated NS, indicating a special thread size.

What does NS mean on a test?

NS stands for "no score". A student will get these results in the following circumstances: The student attempted less than 75% of the passage.

What does NS mean in electrical?

A nanosecond (ns or nsec) is one billionth (10-9) of a second and is a common measurement of read or write access time to random access memory (RAM). Admiral Grace Hopper famously handed out foot-long lengths of wire to students to illustrate how far an electrical signal can travel in a nanosecond.

What does NS mean on a drawing?

Answers: 0. NS: Near Side ..FS: Far Side.

What does NS mean in pharmacy?

NS. normal saline (0.9%) 1/2NS. half normal saline (0.45%) N.T.E.

What does 2B mean on a tap?

The sizes of a 2B and a 3B tap are different. The 2B tap is smaller in size. It has an outside diameter of 0860 inches. The 3B tap is larger by .0130 inches, making its outside diameter .0990 inches. As the sizes progress up the tap scale, it increases in size by .0130 inches in outside diameter.

What does D6 mean on a tap?

D6 = Basic plus . 0030 = max. tap P.D.

What is 6H in tapping?

6H is tolerance for internal thread.