What does it mean if people are canon?

Something being canon essentially means it's true to the primary1 storyline. A good example of this would be when talking about fanfiction - if a fanfiction has two people dating in it, it would be canon if those two characters are actually dating in the storyline of whatever the fan-made work is based on.

What does it mean when someone is canon?

: an accepted principle or rule. : a criterion or standard of judgment.

What does canon mean modern slang?

Canon: The source material. In fiction-based fandoms, "canon" is simply the source narrative you're referring to when you talk about that thing you like.

What is an example of canon?

A simple canon (also known as a round) imitates the leader perfectly at the octave or unison. Well-known canons of this type include the famous children's songs Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Frère Jacques.

What are canon relationships?

Canon law records the number of steps back to two relatives' common ancestor. For example, your first cousin is two steps to the ancestor you two share (your grandparent)—so the canon number is 2. Civil relationships give the total number of steps from one relative to the other.

Smash but everyone is their canon size...

What is the most famous canon?

It's as simple as three violins, one cello, and eight bars of music repeated 28 times – but Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D has risen in popularity to become one of the best-known pieces of classical music ever written.

What is the synonym of canon?

Some common synonyms of canon are law, ordinance, precept, regulation, rule, and statute.

Who used the term canon?

The English word canon comes from the Greek κανών kanōn, meaning "rule" or "measuring stick". The use of the word "canon" to refer to a set of religious scriptures was first used by David Ruhnken, in the 18th century.

Why is it called canon?

The word "canon" comes from the Greek kanon, which in its original usage denoted a straight rod that was later the instrument used by architects and artificers as a measuring stick for making straight lines.

What is a canon in roleplay?

Canon is information given by the original media. If it happened in the game/show/book/movie/whathaveyou then it's canon. It's easily verified, and you can basically give a point to check to make sure it's 100% real and true.

What does it mean to be non-canon?

Adjective. non-canon (not comparable) (fandom slang) Not part of canon; outside of the main continuity of a fictional universe.

What is canon in Christianity?

A biblical canon is the collection of books that comprise the sacred scriptures or Bibles of Jews and Christians. The study of canon formation, that is, the study of the origin, transmission, and recognition of the books that comprise the Bibles of Judaism and Christianity, has expanded considerably in recent years.

Why is canon so important?

The canon in the biblical sense is a collection of writings and scriptures that were divinely inspired by God for men. The canon's main purpose was to centralize Christian teaching and worship behind one flagstaff collection of books.

What does canon mean in humanities?

The term "canon" merely means that it's a collection of works that have merit, and the works usually are chosen because they are considered to be timeless and significant.

What is canon in Half Life?

The Half-Life series canon has never been officially defined by Valve, and probably never will. Series' writer Marc Laidlaw stated that they do not "get involved in issues of canonicity," that "canon itself is non-canon," and that there is "no official stance," "just the games" as they are.

Does canon mean good?

As a noun, the translation of the word canon is obvious – it means 'cannon' as in the large, heavy type of gun. But in colloquial French this word is often used as an adjective to compliment somebody. Telling someone that they are canon means that you think they are 'hot,' 'good looking' or 'gorgeous. '

How is canon used in a sentence?

He had to read a canon of accepted literary texts.

Why is canon so successful?

Canon is successful because determined individuals combined their talents to achieve a single definable objective. With the help of fortune and cultural ethos these determined visionaries overcame daunting odds to create a company that well exceeded its initial purpose.

What does canon mean in academia?

Canon (one “n”) refers to a collection of rules or texts that are considered to be authoritative. Shakespeare and Chaucer are part of the canon of Western literature, so you might read their work in an English class.

What does canon mean in Disney?

Legends is the Star Wars stories created by George Lucas (Such as books, games, comics, etc) And Canon is the Star Wars stories created by Disney (Such as books, games, comics, etc).

What makes a character canon?

A canon character is a fictional character native to a particular book, television show, movie, comic book, video game, or other canon universe. A canon character may also be referred to as a canon or a canonical, though the latter is more properly an adjective.

What are canon values?

Our commitment to Canon's values of Mutual Respect, Integrity, Fairness & Communication help to uphold our legacy of excellence.

What is the strength of canon?

Strength in the SWOT Analysis of Canon – Canon SWOT Analysis

Diversify the product portfolio helps canon to increase its profitability and mitigate risk. Production Units in Different Countries: Canon's policy is based on large, scattered production activities. Canon has production plants in 18 countries.

Who is a canon in religion?

A canon is a member of the chapter of (for the most part) priests, headed by a dean, which is responsible for administering a cathedral or certain other churches that are styled collegiate churches.
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