What does iMessage blue mean?

iMessages are texts, photos, or videos that you send to another iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac over Wi-Fi or cellular-data networks. These messages are always encrypted and appear in blue text bubbles.

Does blue iMessage mean blocked?

If the iMessage never shows a “Delivered” or “Read” message, and it's still blue, then you may have been blocked – but not always. If the iMessage goes through and shows a “Read” receipt, then you have definitely not been blocked.

Why does iMessage turn from green to blue?

If your iPhone messages are green, it means that they're being sent as SMS text messages rather than as iMessages, which appear in blue. iMessages only work between Apple users. You'll always see green when writing to Android users, or when you're not connected to the internet.

Why are some iPhone messages blue and some green?

Why are my texts green? A green text message on your iPhone isn't a sign that your phone number was blocked, or that the text was not delivered. Instead, it means that the message was sent as a standard SMS message rather than an iMessage, which will appear as blue.

Does a green iMessage mean I'm blocked?

The bubble color isn't a perfect indicator that you've been blocked. Green conversation bubbles can also mean the person's phone is turned off, offline, or switched to Android.

Explained: Blue vs. green iPhone messages

Why do some texts go through as green and others as blue?

For green messages, the texts that are sent are compatible with a wider range of phones and receiving services than blue iMessage texts. Since Android and other carriers operate within the SMS and MMS standards of text communication, these green texts are more versatile in who they can reach with their texts.

Is a blue iMessage delivered?

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What's the deal with that? Short answer: Blue ones have been sent or received using Apple's iMessage technology, while green ones are "traditional" text messages exchanged via Short Messaging Service, or SMS.

What does it look like on iMessage if someone blocks you?

Check the Bubble Color

If you don't see a blue bubble on your end, then it's likely that they've blocked you on iMessage. It's important to note that this doesn't mean they have blocked your number altogether; it just means they have blocked you from sending them messages over iMessage.

What do iMessage texts look like when you're blocked?

A red flag that you've been blocked is when you don't see the delivery status or the read receipt at all. The message you just sent will still be in a blue bubble, but it will have no delivery status below it – not even a "Not Delivered."

Do Imessages still send If blocked?

If you have an iPhone and try to send an iMessage to someone who has blocked you, it will remain blue (which means it's still an iMessage). However, the person you've been blocked by will never receive that message.

How do you tell if an iPhone blocked you?

Here's a great tip for how to tell if you're blocked on iMessage: Look underneath the last text you sent before you suspect you were blocked. If the previous iMessage says "Delivered" under the message bubble but the most recent one doesn't, it can mean that you've been blocked.

How do you tell if your texts are blocked?

Try sending a text message

However, if a person has blocked you, you won't see either notification. Instead, there will just be a blank space beneath your text. It's worth noting that being blocked is not the only reason why you might not see a notification.

Why is my iMessage just blue but not delivered?

The most probable cause is that either their phone is off due to some reason, or they don't have access to an active internet connection. If their phone is on DND, iMessage will still say 'Delivered'.

Why does my iMessage send blue but not delivered?

iMessage not saying “Delivered” simply means the messages has not yet been successfully delivered to the recipient's device due to some reasons. Reasons could be: their phone not having available Wi-Fi or cellular data networks, they have their iPhone off or on Do Not Disturb mode, etc.

What color is blocked on iMessage?

If you are blocked on iMessage, the recipient won't receive your messages, your calls will be sent to voicemail, and your iMessage will turn green.

Why did my text messages turn from blue to green 2022?

A green background means that the message you sent or received was delivered by SMS through your cellular provider. It also typically went to a non-iOS device such as an Android or Windows phone.

What do people see when they are blocked and text you?

When you block a contact over Android or iPhone, they will still be able to send you text messages. These messages will not show up on your phone but the sender will see the messages as sent. They won't know that they've been blocked.

Am i blocked on iPhone 2022?

Method 3: Look for the Moon Icon in iMessage

If the Focus Mode is enabled, and you see the "Your Contact has notifications silenced" notification on iMessage, then it means you have not been blocked. If you do not see the alert, then the person might have blocked you!

How do you know if someone blocked you on iMessage without texting them?

Method 2 – Check the iMessage Delivery Status

Was there a Delivered or Read status under your sent iMessage before, and now it's gone? That can mean the person you're texting has blocked you on iMessage. However, it could also mean that they've turned off the “Send Read Receipts” option.

Why was my iMessage sent as a text message?

The Recipient Isn't Using iMessage

iMessage can only send encrypted messages to other Apple devices. So if the recipient is using an Android device, for example, you'll receive a “sent as text message” confirmation, and the message will appear in a green bubble as opposed to blue.

What is the difference between a text message and an iMessage?

iMessages are in blue and text messages are green. iMessages only work between iPhones (and other Apple devices such as iPads). If you are using an iPhone and you send a message to a friend on Android, it will be sent as a SMS message and will be green.

What does blocked 2022 iMessage look like?

Check iMessage bubble color on iPhone

Even if you're blocked on iMessage, the message will appear to be sent as usual; this is why it's so difficult to figure out if you're blocked or not. Apple uses a blue text bubble to signify iMessage and a green bubble for SMS.

When you block someone on iPhone What do they see?

Just like with calls and texts, the person you've blocked will not be notified that they're blocked when they try to FaceTime you. Instead, they simply won't be able to reach you. From their end, it will appear as though you simply didn't pick up.

Why would an iMessage turn green?

If you see a green message bubble instead of a blue one, then that message was sent using MMS/SMS instead of iMessage. There are several reasons for this: The person that you sent the message to doesn't have an Apple device. iMessage is turned off on your device or on your recipient's device.