What did Tommy say to Michael before he shot him?

A shocked Michael tells Tommy, “You killed her.” Tommy responds, “Polly made her own choices,” to which Michael says, “No one close to you makes their own choices, we can't escape you.” Tommy tells Michael, “Polly visits me in my dreams; she'll visit me no more” and then shoots Michael through the eye.

What did Tommy say to Michael before killing him?

Referring to his Aunt Polly, Tommy said: "She'll visit me no more," before shooting Michael straight in the eye.

What did Tommy whisper to?

That whisper is the semi-public admission that Tommy is shaking his blood-stained hands with Duke, and expecting him to carry on his dark deeds.

Why did Tommy shoot Michael in the eye?

However, Tommy had Johnny Dogs move the bomb into the rear car and, when it detonates, it takes out Michael's entourage. Tommy then shoots Michael through the eye, killing him instantly and fulfilling Polly's prophecy that there will be a war between the cousins and one of them will die.

What does O Beng mean in Peaky Blinders?

“Beng” – “devil” Fans have speculated that the phrase is a kind of premonition or warning: either the devil will kill a little girl, or the girl/daughter of the devil will die. (The function of the "O" is linguistically unclear.) Throughout the season, Tommy is referred to as the devil by multiple characters.

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Ending Explained | Episode 6 Explained

What gypsy words was Ruby saying?

– The Romani gypsy words spoken by Ruby in her fevered state appear to be “Tikno mora o beng o beng”. In this English/Romani dictionary, 'tikno' means child or small, 'mora' or 'maura' means to slay or kill, and 'o beng' means 'the devil'.

How many times is the F word used in Peaky Blinders?

The word "Fuck" is used with increasing frequency throughout the series. "Fuck" is said about 5-10 an episode in Series One, but 30-60 times an episode in Series Two through Six.

Why did Michael betray Thomas?

After his Mother Polly is murdered by the IRA due to Tommy attempting to assassinate Oswlad Mosley Michael blames Tommy for her death and declares revenge against him. Throughout Series 6 Michael plots to kill Tommy. After being framed by Tommy and thrown in prison.

Did Michael put the curse on Tommy?

The scene shows that Polly chooses to take Michael's side in the conflict before she dies. The use of Michael's blood also implies that Polly set the curse upon Tommy, as she has previously claimed a connection to the supernatural, seemingly communing with spirits.

Why was Finn banished from the Shelbys?

Arthur is the only Shelby with that information, and he is distraught. With the Peaky Blinders feature film on the way, maybe they can meet again. From one brother to the other, Finn Shelby (Harry Kirton) is banished from the family for his role in bringing a traitor in Billy Grade (Emmett J. Scanlan) into the fold.

How did Tommy betray Lizzie?

Lizzie walked away from Arrow House and her marriage to Tommy in the finale after learning he had slept with Lady Diana Mitford. Joined by her step-son Charles Shelby, Lizzie is looking to start again elsewhere.

How did Tommy know Billy was the informant?

After Jack Nelson violently forced Billy Grade into becoming an informant for his operation, somehow Tommy found out (possibly because Billy was passing information to Gina Gray, whom Tommy had surveilled and was blackmailing over her adultery with Oswald Mosley).

What did the gypsy words mean in Peaky Blinders?

While fans on social media have been speculating about what the words mean, Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight has now revealed all. "It's difficult to translate from the Romani, but it means 'devil'," he told Digital Spy.

Does Polly sleep with her son?

Polly goes to see Ruben Oliver when portrait's finished and they have sex. The following day, Polly learns that Michael plans to kill Father Hughes and why Michael asks to do. Polly grieves over her son's pain, but she doesn't want her son to become a killer.

Is Michael betrayed Tommy?

In season five, Tommy was plagued by dreams that a “black cat” was coming for his crown, and suspected Michael was the traitor. Rightly, as it turned out.

Why was Finn kicked out of the family?

Finn was around in the first episode of season six attending Polly Shelby's (Helen McCrory) funeral. Other than more similar brief appearances though, his character fell into irrelevance after he was ostracised from the Shelby clan.

Who does Tommy think cursed Ruby?

Peaky Blinders season 6 episode 3, titled 'Gold', saw Tommy attempt to uncover the truth behind Ruby's illness, convinced that it was a Romani curse related to death.

Why is Polly not in season 5?

In the opening of Peaky Blinders' sixth season, it's revealed that Polly has been killed by the very same people who ruined Tommy's assassination plan against Oswald Mosley (Sam Claflin) in the season 5 finale.

Does Michael want to be Tommy?

**Spoiler warning for Peaky Blinders season 6 episode 5**

Since the start of this final season of Peaky Blinders, Michael Gray (Finn Cole) has made it very clear that he wants to be the one to bring an end to Tommy Shelby's life.

Who is the man Tommy can't defeat?

Michael Gray is the man that Tommy Shelby cannot defeat - not because Tommy is incapable but because the cost of doing so is Tommy's soul.

Is Johnny Dogs a traitor?

There's a theory on the Internet that Johnny Dogs, resentful of Aberama Gold's connection to the Shelbys, is the ultimate traitor. After all, Aberama had accused him of treason before and ended up being murdered in the attempted coup.

Why did Michael turn on Peaky Blinders?

With Polly Gray's death at the start of Peaky Blinders season 6, Michael blames Tommy and his boundless ambition for his mother's murder and swears vengeance upon him before departing for America.

Who says the F word most?

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What mental illness does Tommy Shelby have?

From the beginning, Tommy has struggled with what we now understand as post-traumatic stress disorder, stemming from his time in World War I. In Season 6, he suffers from seizures, with his body reflecting the inner turmoil wrought from fighting at home and abroad.

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