What country has the least McDonald's?

List of countries that do not have McDonald's:
  • Turkmenistan.
  • Tuvalu.
  • Uganda.
  • Uzbekistan.
  • Vanuatu.
  • Vatican City/Holy See.
  • Yemen.
  • Zimbabwe.

Which regions have the least amount of McDonald's?

In fact, because of the population difference, both California and North Dakota technically have an equal concentration of McDonald's locations. Meanwhile, the state with the fewest locations per capita is Rhode Island.

What continent has the least number of McDonald's?

There are over 36,000 McDonald's locations all over the planet, and the chain is on every continent except Antarctica. In South America alone, there are over 1,400 stores. But there is one Latin American country that flat out rejected Big Macs and McNuggets: Bolivia.

What city has no Mcdonalds?

What's more, Montpelier is the smallest state capital in terms of population, with only about 7,500 people. In addition to being on the small side, Montpelier tends to favor local businesses over large chains, so McDonald's shouldn't take it personally. The city doesn't have a Burger King either.

Which country has most McDonald's?

Given that McDonald's was started in the United States, it should come as no surprise that the United States still has the most McDonald's of any country in the world. The United States is home to more than 14,000 McDonald's restaurants, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Comparison: Countries by McDonald’s Restaurants

What countries quit McDonalds?

McDonald's closed its Russian restaurants in March and said in mid-May that it had decided to leave the country altogether, one of the most high-profile business departures since Russia sent tens of thousands of troops into Ukraine on Feb. 24.

What country has no fast food?

Bermuda. This North Atlantic paradise has a ban on fast food joints but that hasn't stopped McDonald's trying to open over here a few times. It found a loophole in the form of the US Naval Air Station for military people and their families, but when that closed in 1995 it, too, had to go.

Does Russia not have McDonalds?

McDonald's shut all its restaurants in Russia on March 14, amid a Western backlash over Russia's invasion of Ukraine. All its outlets were sold to Govor as a local licensee, who initiated a comprehensive rebranding. Vkusno I Tochka currently operates in 62 Russian regions, with more than 830 venues currently open.

Why there is no McDonald in Iceland?

The restaurant then closed down in 2009 due to the financial crash that happened in 2008. On the last day that McDonald's was open, Icelanders crowded the restaurant for one last time. More than 10,000 burgers were sold that day.

Why is there no McDonald's in Africa?

They note that the biggest obstacle to McDonald's (together with other Western fast-food chains) from operating in places like Nigeria is the lack of adequate supply chains.

Why does Africa not have mcdonalds?

The biggest obstacle blocking McDonald's and other Western fast food chains from Africa's largest economy is a lack of adequate supply chains. Geographically, Nigeria lies too far from South Africa, Egypt or Morocco to simply expand the chain's existing supply chains.

What is the smallest town with a McDonald's?

Garrison is located along the northwest shoreline of Mille Lacs Lake. Garrison is the world's smallest city to have a McDonald's restaurant.

Are there McDonald's in Iceland?

As mentioned earlier, Iceland is one of the few countries in the world without a McDonald's and there is no Starbucks either. Many native people in Iceland prefer to support local businesses rather than global chains, which can be a great way to spend a holiday in Iceland.

Where is the world's smallest McDonald's located?

The tiny structure, which is located in Sweden, was designed by Nordic creative agency NORD DDB, which shared a video showing the making of the international fast-food chain's latest branch.

Which country does not waste food?

Denmark. Thanks to the dedication and perseverance of a Russian-born graphic designer, Denmark reduced food waste across the country by 25% in just 5 years!

Is there a Mcdonalds in Nigeria?

They can not Open in Nigeria because the beef we consume here is not strictly monitored. The Fulani herdsmen open grazing is unethical according to their standard and doesn't guarantee quality of meat delivered. Let's forget the McDonald's and enjoy ours with pleasure.

Is there a McDonald's in Afghanistan?

False. A tweet claiming the U.S. Marine is working at “the only McDonald's in Afghanistan” is fabricated. McDonald's does not operate in Afghanistan.

Why Russia has no Mcdonalds?

McDonald's opened its first restaurant in Moscow in 1990, a sign of Soviet Russia forming closer economic and cultural ties with the West. But more than three decades later, the American icon pulled out of Russia along with dozens of other Western companies, in protest at Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

How many McDonald's left Russia?

The burger chain will now sell its business, which included some 847 restaurants, saying that the “humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, and the precipitating unpredictable operating environment, have led McDonald's to conclude that continued ownership of the business in Russia is no longer tenable, nor is ...

Why is Russia getting rid of Mcdonalds?

McDonald's quit Russia in protest at Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine accounted for about 9% of McDonald's global sales last year. Starbucks, Coca Cola, Levi's and Apple are among the international brands that have left Russia or suspended sales here since the 24 February invasion of Ukraine.

How many McDonald's are in Ukraine?

McDonald's reopens in Ukraine, feeding customers' nostalgia — and future hopes All of the chain's 100-plus locations in Ukraine closed after Russia invaded in February.

Is there a Starbucks in Russia?

Employees work at the newly-opened Stars Coffee cafe in Moscow.

Is there a McDonald's in North Korea?

North Korea

Unsurprisingly, this totalitarian regime is pretty averse to American businesses, and McDonald's is no exception.