What are sideboys in the Navy?

A sideboy is a member of an even-numbered group of seamen
Matros is a term for sailor, seaman, mariner, or seafarer in several languages.
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posted in two rows at the quarterdeck when a visiting dignitary boards or leaves the ship, historically to help (or even hoist) him aboard, in a ceremony known as tending the Side.

How many sideboys does a captain get?

As the person being announced approaches the ship, the word is passed over the 1MC, "[Title] arriving," and a bell is struck the number of times corresponding to the number of sideboys to which the person would be entitled: eight for a vice admiral or above, six for a rear admiral or rear admiral (lower half), four for ...

What determines the number of side boys?

The number of side boys paraded varies from two to eight (always an even number), depending on the rank of the individual being saluted. When called away, side boys form two ranks facing each other to form a passageway at the gangway.

How many bells does a Commodore get?

A: A Commodore rates 6 bells.

How many bells does the president get?

the watch blows his whistle). For example, the President of the United States (or a four-star general or admiral) would be greeted by eight side boys and eight gongs of the ship's bell upon arrival and departure.

The Tradition of Sideboys

What does 8 bells mean on a ship?

From this ringing of the bell as the glass was turned evolved the tradition of striking the bell once at the end of the first half hour of a four hour watch, twice after the first hour, etc., until eight bells marked the end of the four hour watch. The process was repeated for the succeeding watches.

Why do cooks shine the ship's bell?

Old Chuck liked to have his galley chimney shined every morning. So the tradition continued into the early 20th century until the coal fired cook stove gave way to the electric range. So needing something to shine, it became the cooks job to shine the ships' bell.

What does 7 bells mean?

At each funeral or memorial service for a veteran, the Bell Guard tolls the Honor Bell seven times. The bell is tolled seven times, with seven seconds between each toll. The seven tolls represent the many stages in a veteran's life.

What gun salute is not authorized?

A salute fired in honor of the President of the United States, or of the Secretary of State when acting as special representative of the President, shall not be returned. A salute fired in honor of any official or officer on the occasion of an official visit or inspection shall not be returned.

Why do we stand watch in the Navy?

Even when the ship is moored in-port and receiving hotel services (utilities, such as steam, water, and electricity) from the pier or another ship, it's necessary to maintain a watch for communications, security, and safety. During your time in the Navy, you will be required to stand many watches.

What is a smoking lamp in the Navy?

The smoking lamp has survived only as a figure of speech. When the officer of the deck says "the smoking lamp is out" before drills, refueling or taking ammunition, that is the Navy's way of saying "cease smoking."

Do you have to salute an officer in civilian clothes?

The courtesy of the salute is encumbent on all military personnel, whether in garrison or in public places, in uniform or civilian clothes.

Why does the Navy strike 8 bells at noon?

One stroke of the ship's bell indicates the first half hour of the watch. Then an additional bell is struck for each succeeding half hour. Thus eight bells indicates the end of a four-hour watch.

What do sailors say when they leave?

“Fair winds and following seas” is a common phrase for those in the United States Navy, where it's used to say farewell to those retiring or leaving for deployment.

What do sailors call right?

When looking forward, toward the bow of a ship, port and starboard refer to the left and right sides, respectively.

Do captains salute each other?

All military enlisted personnel in uniform are required to salute when they meet and recognize a commissioned or warrant officer, except when it is inappropriate or impractical (for example, if you're carrying something using both hands).

Why do they put 3 bullets in the flag?

Typically three fired cartridges are placed into the folded flag prior to presentation to the next of kin; the cartridges signify "duty, honor, and sacrifice.”

Do all veterans get a 21 gun salute at their funeral?

Gun salutes don't always involve 21 shots. The official regulations establish a hierarchy depending on a person's status or rank. Someone who doesn't qualify for a 21 gun salute may still receive a gun salute consisting of fewer shots. Regardless, the number of shots will always be odd.

Do veterans salute at a military funeral?

Members should salute as the flag passes by. Former military members not in uniform may salute. However, civilians should not salute. As a sign of respect, civilians should instead remove any head gear and place it over their heart.

What does death bell meaning?

death bell in American English

a bell tolled to announce a death.

What time is 3 bells on a ship?

From 4:00 to 8:00 pm, the usual bells are struck except that at 6:30 pm only one bell is struck instead of five; two at 7:00 pm; three at 7:30 pm; and eight bells at 8:00 pm.

What is a dog watch at sea?

A dog watch is a work shift, also known as a "watch", in a maritime watch system that is half the length of a standard watch period.

What does 3 bells mean?

1 Answer. Ship's bells are used to indicate the hour and regulate sailors' duty watches, with a bell added every half hour, up to a total of eight bells before restarting the sequence. 3 bells indicates 1:30 5:30 and 9:30, either a-m or p-m.