Was Zenitsu abandoned by his parents?

History. Zenitsu was not raised by his parents so he did not have any proper guidance.

Did Zenitsu parents abandon him?

That Zenitsu was abandoned by his mother without his name or a blanket. It wasn't even Zenitsu's flashback, but it described how dark his past childhood was.

Is Zenitsu an orphan?

Zenitsu, an orphan, was always grateful to the old man who never abandoned or gave up on him, unlike the rest of the people in his life. Zenitsu's hair starts falling out, as the spider demon warned him it would, and he faints in fear.

How Zenitsu lost his fear?

When facing Kaigaku during the Infinity Castle arc, Zenitsu debuts his brand new exclusive Seventh Form to Thunder Breathing. With this, Zenitsu finally has more than one tool in his arsenal and has overcome his own personal doubts and fears.

Who took care of Zenitsu?

Zenitsu is then taken in by Jigoro Kuwajima (who also takes care of his debt). Jigoro is a former Thunder Hashira and takes Zenitsu in to train him in the ways of Thunder Breathing. The two develop a fantastic bond, similar to a grandfather and grandson, hence why Zenitsu calls Jigoro Gramps.

Zenitsu's HASHIRA Power EXPLAINED! Full Backstory and Powers! - Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Who is the traitor in Demon Slayer?

Due to him bullying Zenitsu and betraying the Demon Slayers, driving his master to suicide, Kaigaku is one of the most hated characters in the series.

Was Zenitsu's grandpa a Hashira?

He was formerly the Thunder Hashira ( 鳴 なり 柱 ばしら , Nari Bashira?) in the Demon Slayer Corps.

Will Zenitsu learn the other forms?

So in a nutshell, Zenitsu wasn't able to master the other five forms, but later in the Infinity Castle Arc, during the battle with Kaigaku, Upper-Rank Six Demon, he created a Seventh Form: Flaming Thunder God.

Why does Zenitsu have 2 personalities?

Having a split personality entails the presence of another person inside your mind. However, in Zenitsu's case, fans have witnessed him utilizing his skills and training, something akin to his sleeping form, and having more of an assertive personality when he is particularly worked up.

Is Zenitsu a Hashira level?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question would be, no, he did not. Zenitsu, along with Tanjiro and Inosuke got way stronger than average corps members with training. In fact, he became one of the very few to even invent a new form of Thunder Breathing. However, his dream of becoming a Hashira was never realized.

Who is Nezuko's crush?

Zenitsu Agatsuma

She apparently views Zenitsu as a "weird dandelion" and did not initially seem to reciprocate his feelings. Although the two are rarely seen interacting together, Zenitsu treats her with affection and care.

What is Zenitsu secret?

Enhanced Hearing: Zenitsu possesses a heightened sense of hearing, allowing him to detect danger from even the faintest of sounds. Using his superhuman hearing, he has displayed the ability to decipher layers upon layers of sound in one of the brothels and even in the Infinity Castle.

Is Zenitsu the last thunder breather?

Zenitsu Agatsuma is the series' sole Thunder-Breather, although Tengen Uzui's Sound-Breathing is derived from Thunder-Breathing.

How many exes does Zenitsu have?

Zenitsu's debt is estimated to be around 600,000 yen in modern currency. This massive amount of debt likely came from his 7 ex-girlfriends.

Was Zenitsu reincarnated?

Zenitsu Agatsuma and Nezuko Kamado were reincarnated as Yoshiteru and Touko Agatsuma. Yoshiteru's appearance is quite similar to Zenitsu's, while Touko resembles Nezuko Kamado. Later in the Demon Slayer manga series, it was shown that a couple was running a restaurant that had snake decorations.

Why does Zenitsu only know 1 form?

Zenitsu Agatsuma only uses one move (in anime up till now) , I.E. Thunderclap and Flash, because he hasn't learned the other Thunder Breathing Forms. He never wanted to learn any breathing techniques or fighting techniques nor he wanted to join the Demon Slayer Corps.

Why can Zenitsu only fight while unconscious?

8/10 The Reason Behind His Subconscious Combat

It's been shown that Zenitsu has a very unique way of fighting. Whenever he faces any danger, he usually passes out due to extreme cowardice, and that, in an unconscious state, his subconscious mind takes over, and he fights like a pro.

What happens to Zenitsu when he sleeps?

When asleep, however, Zenitsu is able to let go of his paralyzing fear and anxiety and let his prowess shine through. In this way, Zenitsu is similar to Rock Lee from the manga and anime series Naruto, since they both need to transport themselves into a different headspace to tap into some of their greater powers.

Does Zenitsu ever Realise his power?

While unconscious, Zenitsu is a force to be reckoned with, but his actual power is discovered when he is awake. While awake, Zenitsu was able to match the upper rank six, Kaigaku. He was also able to keep up with the Demon King, though he was in a weakened state during this battle.

Did Zenitsu create 7th form?

Zenitsu creates his own form called Seventh Form: Honoikazuchi Nokami. Through this form, he is able to conjure a creature akin to a dragon that breathes thunder and fire. When combined with God Speed, his power and strength increase, giving him the ability to defeat demons like Kaiju, from the Upper Moon Six.

What is Zenitsu 7th form?

Seventh Form: Flaming Thunder God) - The personal creation of Zenitsu Agatsuma. The user dashes forward at blinding speeds and unleashes a singular forward slash at a low stance, which is seemingly accompanied by a yellow Japanese dragon shaped like a lightning bolt.

Who is the crying Hashira?

Gyōmei Himejima (悲鳴嶼 行冥) is a supporting character in the 2016-2020 fantasy dark manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is the Stone Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Why Zenitsu has a sparrow?

When looking at the symbolism in Japanese culture, sparrows represent 'the soft demeanor of deep thinkers' and are often considered to bring good fortune- and Zenitsu's name literally includes the kanji for good!

Who is Zenitsu's grandchild?

Yoshiteru Agatsuma ( 我 あが 妻 つま 善 よし 照 てる , Agatsuma Yoshiteru?) is the great-grandson of Zenitsu Agatsuma and Nezuko Kamado and the younger brother of Toko Agatsuma, who is a teenage student.
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