Is the Batman Who Laughs gone forever?

In Dark Knights: Metal issue 6, The Batman Who Laughs' fingers were amputated by the Joker. However, during his appearances in comics since then, he still has them.

Is the Batman Who Laughs gone?

After gathering up his forces to fight the Justice League, the Batman Who Laughs fought against the Justice League and was killed by Wonder Woman using a chainsaw built using parts of the Invisible Jet.

Are there 2 Batman Who Laughs?

The Batman Who Laughs (Volume 2) was a limited series, published by DC Comics. It ran from 2019 until 2019. It starred The Batman Who Laughs and Batman.

Who laughs at the end of the Batman?

Stuck in Arkham, Riddler is understandably upset that his horrible plan didn't play out fully. However, he's greeted by a seemingly sympathetic fellow inmate (Barry Keoghan). We only see him momentarily, but his facial scars and creepy laugh hint at his identity. "One day you're on top, the next you're a clown...

How was the Batman Who Laughs stopped?

The Batman Who Laughs is defeated when the Prime Universe Batman is aided by the Joker, who notes the alternate Batman's failure to perceive this scenario due to still being a version of Batman.

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Who is the next Joker?

Joaquin Phoenix will reprise the titular role, as confirmed when director Todd Phillips shared an image of the actor reading the sequel's script in June 2022. Thanks to the success of Joker, Hollywood scuttlebutt has Phoenix's salary going up from $4.5 million to $20 million for the sequel.

Why is the Batman Who Laughs so strong?

The Batman Who Laughs was once much like Prime Earth's Batman except that he ended up killing his version of the Joker. After doing this, Bruce was exposed to a nano-toxin that slowly transformed him.

Who beat the Darkest Knight?

The duo battle across time and space as Batman and Superman fight off an army of demented Robins and a twisted version of Superman under the moniker of "Kill-All." As heroes rise, fall, and rise again, Diana grapples with the Darkest Knight and rams him into the heart of a dying sun at the end of time.

Why does the Batman Who Laughs cover his eyes?

Bruce reveals that The Batman Who Laughs' eyes have special properties that allow him to peer into the Dark Multiverse. With this ability, he can see the dark potential of those around him. The visor, constructed from Dark Metal, allows him to essentially focus and fine-tune those visions.

Is the laughing Batman the strongest?

Within his new body, the Batman Who Laughs gained an incredibly wide swath of powers that effectively turned him into the strongest being in the multiverse.

What is the strongest DC character?

The 18 Most Powerful DC Characters, Ranked
  • Eclipso. Image via DC Comics.
  • Superman. Image via HBO Max/Warner Bros. ...
  • Lex Luthor. Image via DC Comics. ...
  • Darkseid. Image via HBO Max. ...
  • Black Adam. Image via Warner Bros. ...
  • Wonder Woman. Image via Warner Bros. ...
  • Shazam. Image via DC Comics. ...
  • Doctor Fate. Image via DC Comics. ...

What comes after the Batman Who Laughs?

Dark Nights: Death Metal

The conclusion to the Batman Who Laughs arc, Death Metal sees Snyder and Capullo once again delving into the dark multiverse. This series has its own reading order but for those who are just looking for this character's arc this is more than enough.

How does the Joker react to the Batman Who Laughs?

As we've seen in Snyder's Justice League, the Joker hates the Batman Who Laughs. The Joker's disgust for the BWL is even part of how he was defeated in Dark Nights Metal. But The Batman Who Laughs #4 shows that this isn't your usual supervillain rivalry about how only he gets to kill Batman.

Who are the Secret Six Batman Who Laughs?

Using these, The Batman Who Laughs secretly planned to turn six heroes and allies into dark versions of themselves: Shazam, Blue Beetle, Hawkman, Donna Troy, James Gordon and Superman.

How tall is Batman?

Ironically, data collected by Moviepilot suggest that since Batman first appeared in feature-length films 50 years ago, Mr West has been the closest in physique to the Gotham crusader as specified in the comic books: 6'2" (1.88m) tall, and weighing 210 pounds (95kg).

Who wins Moonknight or Batman?

Batman can try all he wants, but he can't stop Moon Knight. He can beat Moon Knight within an inch of his life, cripple him, shatter all of his bones, but Moon Knight will keep going. Moon Knight will take a hit to give a hit. He'll let you stab him just so he can stab you back.

Who wins Batman or Dracula?

Dracula, a 2005 animated superhero film in which the Caped Crusader came face to face with king of vampires himself, Count Dracula. In a stroke of genius, Batman annihilates the Count, but not before many Gotham residents had turned into creatures of the night.

Why does the Batman Who Laughs look like Joker?

By killing the Joker, Batman accidentally breathed a toxin within the villain's body, which slowly rendered him insane and transformed him into the very same thing the Joker was: a nihilistic mass murderer, who became known as The Batman Who Laughs.

What is Joker's real name?

Martha reveals that she forced Psycho-Pirate, a villain with extensive knowledge of the entire DC Universe, to tell her the name of the Joker in the main DC Universe. It is then revealed that the Joker's real name is “Jack Oswald White.”

Will Robert Pattinson be Batman again?

If you had any doubt, Robert Pattinson is returning to the role for a sequel. Warner Bros. made the next Batman installment official soon after the first film's debut—so it certainly won't see a Batgirl-esque fate.

Will Batman be in Joker 2?

Joker 2 is on its way and DC fans are in awe of this amazing video that gives us a glimpse of what a Batman could look like in Joker's world. Joker 2 is one of the most mysterious movies on the Hollywood calendar.

Why is the Darkest Knight so strong?

With a new physical vessel of nearly infinite power, The Darkest Knight uses his new multiverse-spanning powers to search for the most evil and powerful incarnations of Batman that the Dark Multiverse has to offer. Assimilating their memories and experiences, he now becomes both a cosmic and psychological powerhouse.

Is the Batman Who Laughs a anti hero?

Amongst all the 'anti-hero', mutated characters in DC's multiverse, the 'Batman Who Laughs', which combines the manic craziness of the Joker with the brute force of Bruce Wayne's Batman is the most fascinating.