Is Mr Forkle dead?

Sir Astin (aka Mr. Forkle) dies at the Peace Summit in Lumenaria due to being stabbed by Gethen.In the chest.

Is Master Leto Mr Forkle from Keeper of the Lost Cities?

In Neverseen, Magnate Leto is revealed to be also Mr. Forkle — Sophie's former neighbor and the leader of the Black Swan.

What is Mr Forkle real identity?

He was also the fertility doctor of Sophie's human mother, Sophie's next-door neighbor in San Diego, and in Neverseen was revealed to be Magnate Leto Kerlof and Sir Astin. His full name is Errol Loki Forkle. He chose the name because Forkle means disguise in Norwegian and because he inspired the stories of Loki.

Who dies in Keeper of the Lost Cities?

The fire burns a portion of the city of Eternalia before it is put out. Afterward, Sophie and Fitz learn that Councilor Kenric was killed in the fire. Kenric was always kind to Sophie. She is heartbroken and feels responsible for his death.

How did Brant die Kotlc?

Grady Howell Ruewen

Grady initially cared for Brant like he was his own son after the fire that killed Jolie. After Sophie found out that Brant had been the cause of the fire, Grady confronted Brant and mesmerized him into burning off his own hand.

This is My Swan Song | Mr Forkle Speedpaint | (TW: Blood, death)

What is Dex's last name Kotlc?

Dexter Alvin Dizznee (Dex)

He doesn't have a special ability when Sophie meets him, but she can tell he's incredibly talented—especially at alchemy—despite the fact that many people unfairly underestimate both him and his family.

Does Keefe betrayed Sophie?

Since in the last book Keefe betrayed Sophie and went over to the Neverseen, Sophie and the rest of her friends were counting on him to get out the information they needed. You are probably thinking, “Why would they trust Keefe? He betrayed them!” But he fake-betrayed them.

Who kills Mr Forkle?

Sir Astin (aka Mr. Forkle) dies at the Peace Summit in Lumenaria due to being stabbed by Gethen.In the chest.

Does Sophie kiss Keefe?

More romance than the others, Sophie and Keefe kiss! (YAY!!!) Same amount of violence as rest of the series.

Who does Tam have a crush on?

The book Neverseen implies that Tam finds Biana attractive when he tells Keefe that he won't join the Sophie Foster fan club and then looks straight at Biana. Once, In Lodestar, Linh even stated that Tam "likes brunettes," and Biana is one of the only few brunettes in the group.

Who is Keefe's crush?

Keefe has a crush on Sophie and as of Book 9: Stellarlune she has confirmed to return his feelings and the two are currently in a in between stage of friends and more-than-friends.

What is Fitz vacker real name?

Fitzroy Avery Vacker (Fitz)

He's a loyal brother, a model prodigy, and tends to earn his nickname,“Wonderboy” (despite the fact that Dex meant the name sarcastically). And even though he's two grade levels ahead of Sophie, Fitz cares about her more than she knows (more than he knows, honestly).

What is Keefe's full name in Kotlc?

Sencen. Bio: Keefe is Foxfire Academy's ultimate troublemaker—though of course he claims he had nothing to do with “The Great Gulon Incident.” Confident and cute, with infamously awesome hair, he's always ready with a joke—whether the situation calls for it or not.

Who is blurs identity in Kotlc?

Blur is a Phaser and a member of the Black Swan's Collective, along with Mr. Forkle, Squall, Wraith, and Granite. To disguise himself, he breaks his body down and reforms partially, leaving the only parts of his body visible as splotches of color and blurred lines.

Who does Biana marry in Keeper of the Lost Cities?

Biana Vacker as an adult elf, married to the one and only- Tam Song.

What is Stina's last name Kotlc?

Stina Destry Heks (pronounced Stee-nuh Des-tree Hec-ks) is a female elf, and the daughter of Timkin and Vika Heks. In the earlier books, she and Sophie had a strong rivalry and Stina was constantly taunting her and trying to bully her.

Who married Fitz?

Fitz and Olivia's Wedding is one of the main story lines of the episode "The Decision" of Scandal.

What book did Keefe kiss Sophie?

The Neverseen are defeated and Sophie is still with Fitz. Soon, Keefe confesses and Sophie realizes about her love for him.

What book does Keefe confess?

In the Keefe Short Story, Keefe admits his feelings and says he'll tell Sophie soon, but that he's waiting for Sophie to trust him first.

Who is the traitor in Neverseen?

Alvar Soren Vacker is a long-time traitor to the Vacker Family. He has been part of the Neverseen since around the time that Fitz was born. He helped spy on the search for the long-lost elf, Sophie Foster, and being an experienced Vanisher, he could sneak into his father, Alden's office, and eavesdrop.

Who is Keefe's dad?

Lord Cassius is described to possess many of Keefe's characteristics, with slicked-back blond hair, and maintains a neat attire, while Keefe aspires to do the opposites. He is also tall and lean. His smile is said to be "oily, dripping with insincerity." He has ice blue eyes that resembles his son's.

Who is the oldest elf in Keeper of the Lost Cities?

Some of the oldest elves known are Fallon Vacker and Councillor Bronte, who are both considered Ancients, along with many other elves.

Does Keefe become a Mesmer?

Grady had been giving Keefe lessons on his new ability. After he woke up, Keefe soon found that he was a Mesmer, and Grady happened to be the only other Mesmer so- “Keefe!” Grady said, agitatedly.

Who kisses in Keeper of the Lost Cities?

In Book 6, Sophie and Dex kiss, proving there is no chemistry between them; after all, they are cousins, even though, technically, Sophie is adopted. They still remain best friends, even though it was awkward for them for awhile after the kiss.

What is the Great Gulon incident?

Little is known about the Great Gulon Incident, which is frequently mentioned throughout the series. It was a disruptive, mischievous event involving erupting gas, that took place at Foxfire three years before the series began. It most likely has to do with a Gulon, which is a smelly magical creature.