Is Aether a villain?

Lumine/Aether, also known as the Princess/Prince, is one of the two main antagonists of the 2020 action role-playing fantasy video game Genshin Impact (alongside the Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya).

Who is the villain in Genshin Impact?

Asmoday, also known as The Sustainer of Heavenly Principles, The Unknown God and simply the God, is the overarching antagonist of the 2020 action role-playing fantasy video game Genshin Impact.

Is the travelers sibling evil?

The twin of the traveler is shown to be working as a leading figure with the Abyss Order, who certainly seem to be one of the primary antagonists in Genshin Impact. That being said, it is highly likely that they are under some sort of spell or brainwashing effect to act evil.

Is lumine the main villain?

Lumine is one of the two main antagonists of the video game Megaman X8. At first appearing to be a friend of X, he is actually a crazed Maverick who wants New Generation Reploids to become the dominant species and end up becoming the true final boss of the game.

Is the other twin in Genshin evil?

Yes; Depending on which twin you pick, The other becomes evil and works as the leader of the Abyss Order.

Evil Lumine Vs Evil Aether Cutscene Comparison

Who has the saddest backstory in Genshin?

These are just a few of the most tragic Genshin Impact backstories.
  • Bennett. Bennett is one of the most cheerful characters in the game. ...
  • Diluc. Can you imagine Diluc smiling? ...
  • Rosaria. Rosaria values Mondstadt's freedom, especially since she had none of her own as a child. ...
  • Kaeya. HoYoverse. ...
  • Xiao. ...
  • Qiqi.

Who was the god that took lumine?

Who was the god that took lumine? The picture came to light when some users posted a picture of Paimon, claiming her to be the unknown god challenging the main character/ Lumine in a boss fight.

Who is lumine lover?

ChiLumi is the het ship between Tartaglia and Lumine from the Genshin Impact fandom.

Who is Aether shipped with?

Xiaother is the slash ship between Xiao and Aether from the Genshin Impact fandom.

Is Paimon evil?

Others have expressed that Paimon might be evil, and that she may betray the Traveler at some point in the story. There are a number of hints in Genshin Impact that point to Paimon's supposedly evil nature. Even these don't prove her evilness, they at the very least signal that there's more to her than meets the eye.

Is Aether older than Lumine?

According to the Chinese, Japanese and Korean pronouns the twins use to address each other in the opening cutscene and in later interactions, Aether is the older twin and Lumine is the younger.

Who has feelings for Traveler?

Ayaka does have some feelings towards the Traveler, and that has been quite evident in the game. However, it is emphasized that during the Prayer Plaques scene, the Traveler is only thinking about reuniting with their sibling which makes Ayaka believe that they are not meant to be together.

Is the traveler a god?

We learn later that the Traveler was an adult the whole time, and wasn't a god. Instead, he is an Archfey named Artagan, who originally made an appearance in campaign 1 of Critical Role.

Who is the traitor Genshin?

When Diluc returned four years later from his investigation, he learned that Eroch had been discharged as a traitor.

Is EI a villain Genshin?

Raiden Ei, under the Archon name of Beelzebul, and also known by her puppet, the Raiden Shogun, commonly distinguished from her true form as The Shogun, is a major antagonist turned major character and playable character of Genshin Impact.

Is Childe the weakest harbinger?

Plus, as per Childe, she's stronger than she looks. She's the third strongest out of the eleven Harbingers.

Who is Venti's crush?

Venti has a Crush on Aether - Genshin Impact Comic Dub.

Is Xiao in love with traveler?

Xiao is highly protective over the Traveler, to the point that they only need to speak his name to have him appear in front of them. He also has a soft spot for Ganyu and takes time out of his day to train her. This is despite the fact that it seems like Xiao doesn't have any strong feelings towards her.

Who do people ship lumine with the most?

1/10 Lumine + Childe

Ever since the "Hey girlie," scene in Liyue, Childe's friendliness towards the Traveler, especially Lumine, has made the two one of the most popular ships among the fanbase.

Who is a couple in Genshin?

One of the most popular couples in the game is Sucrose and Albedo. They are both a part of the Knights of Favonius and love nothing more than to spend their time researching alchemy.

Why do people ship Hu Tao and Xiao?

HuXiao shippers often think that Xiao would be protective towards Hu Tao and Hu Tao might be the one to help Xiao find peace/happiness. Many HuXiao shippers like the ship due to their fun dynamic, angst potential, and many thematic similarities. A key point is their shared associations with butterflies and death.

Who is Hu Tao shipped with?

ZhongTao is the het ship between Zhongli and Hu Tao from the Genshin Impact fandom.

What god is Paimon?

In real-world myth, Paimon is the name of a king of hell, and demons aren't typically associated with being good friends. It is worth noting however that the past Electro Archon's name, Baal, is also the name of a demon, and so is Raiden Shogun, Beelzebul. Both Barbatos and Morax are names of demons as well.

What is Paimon's true identity?

As absurd as this sounds, many Genshin Impact theories suggest that Paimon is actually Asmoday, the Unknown God. Apparently, Paimon and the celestial being have many similarities. Both Paimon and the Unknown God have white hair and similar outfits.

Is Paimon god of Time?

✨ Paimon is the God of Time Another popular fan theory. When you open the menu and use the clock, all stops but Paimon - who accelerates and winds the clock. Along with her mysterious origins and demon name plus the God of Time's erasure from many records...