How many trainees did BTS have?

But slowly, BigHit began whittling down the number of trainees from 30 to 20, and eventually seven people – who debuted as the final line-up of BTS in June 2013. After more than a year of eating, sleeping and training with the other BTS members, Kim was cut. “[Getting fired] happened pretty suddenly for me.

Did BTS originally have 8 members?

However, not many people know that BTS had an eighth member named Kim Ji-hun who was eventually cut out by the management right before their official debut.

How many years were BTS trainees?

Share: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook trained for months before officially joining BTS. Of the seven idols in this group, one of the vocalists only trained for a year before being presented to the public. Here's what we know about the BTS members and their trainee years.

Who left BTS before debut?

During this discussion, Jung Hoseok, popularly known by his stage name J-Hope, revealed that he had made up his mind to leave the band before they made their debut. He wanted to pursue a career in dance as a solo artist and even told the boys about the same.

Who joined BTS 4th member?

Before joining BTS he auditioned in a program called “Super Star K Season 3” in 2011,he never made in to the finals but got casting offers from seven agencies, including Big Hit Entertainment (the agency that got him and other to form BTS). Jungkook is the fourth member to join BTS.

I Trained With BTS: Being on the Brink of Fame and Then Losing it All

Who joined BTS in 5?

Jungkook was the fifth member to join BTS. In 2011, when he was around 13, he auditioned for a show called Superstar K.

Who join 3rd in BTS?

Third: J-Hope

The third member to join the company did so after a failed audition for JYP Entertainment (their loss!). He was accepted afterwards to join BigHit Entertainment and moved to Seoul when he was only 15, also in 2010.

Who joined BTS 1st last?

Rap Monster was the first to join BTS and the only one from the original line up. He said the famous quote, "Jimin, you got no jams."

Who decided to leave BTS?

Jin is only leaving to serve his military enlistment duty. In the same Weverse announcement, Big Hit added, “Both the company and the members of BTS are looking forward to reconvening as a group again around 2025 following their service commitment.”

Who is the 2nd member of BTS?

Min Yoongi aka Suga

Though his parents didn't agree with him joining music, he started performing while he was in high school. One day he saw a flyer for the rap competition called hit it and decided to participate. The competition was held by a Big Hit music label. And he was approved as the second member of BTS.

Who trained longest in BTS?

BTS. RM had the longest training time in BTS, where he was a trainee for approximately 4 years. Jimin had the shortest training time in BTS, where he was a trainee for a little under a year.

Who joined BTS in order?

But who joined BTS in order? Well, there's a reason that the seven members—J-Hope, RM, Jin, Jungkook, V, Jimin, Suga—joined in the order they did. It has to do with BTS' history, and how the band went through many different concepts until they became the Bangtan Boys we know and love today.

How long will Jin be in the military?

According to the Defense Ministry, Jin is expected to serve through June 2024, months before BTS is expected to end their current hiatus and reassemble in 2025. The mandatory service length falls between 18 and 21 months.

Who is the 7th member of BTS?

To know more, read on. That BTS is a seven-member boy band incluidng RM (Kim Namjoon), Jin (Kim Seokjin), Suga (Min Yoongi), J-Hope (Jung Hosoek), Jimin (Park Jimin), V (Kim Taehyung) and Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook), is a known fact.

Are there 7 members in BTS?

BTS (Korean: 방탄소년단; RR: Bangtan Sonyeondan; lit. Bulletproof Boy Scouts), also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a South Korean boy band formed in 2010. The band consists of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, who co-write and co-produce the majority of their material.

Who is the ninth member of BTS?

Park Ji-min (Korean: 박지민; born October 13, 1995), known mononymously as Jimin, is a South Korean singer and dancer. In 2013, he made his debut as a member of the South Korean boy band BTS, under the record label Big Hit Entertainment.

Who controls BTS?

It was re-branded and re-structured into an independent label under Hybe Corporation (formerly Big Hit Entertainment Co., Ltd.) in March 2021. As of date, the label is home to soloist Lee Hyun, and boy groups BTS and Tomorrow X Together.

Why was V kept a secret?

In the words of his Bang Si Hyuk, owner of BigHit, he decided to hide Taehyung because he had a great appearance and personality, he believed that his appearance would be very shocking and a big surprise, so they decided that he would be the last to be known.

Which member of BTS almost left?

That had almost become reality for us since the group's sunshine, J-Hope had almost quit the group before they even debuted.

What is BTS religion?

RM of BTS said he is an atheist

He ended by stating he doesn't believe in God and identifies as an atheist. However, RM has also worn a crucifix pendant around his neck, a common symbol in Christianity. Since that interview, he hasn't publicly confirmed his religious views.

Why is BTS purple?

Yet, he continued talking about the significance behind the color and it related to his love for fans. V said. Since then, Army welcomed purple as BTS' color, and their way of telling BTS how much they love them. It became BTS purple.

Who is triple threat in BTS?

MEDIA | Thanks to his multiple talents in the fields of singing, dancing and rap, Jungkook is also known as 'THE TRIPLE THREAT'. The Golden Maknae Jungkook has been given many titles and nicknames for his vast array of talents.

Who joined sixth in BTS?

The track debuts at No. 1 on the Digital Song Sales chart with 44,000 downloads sold in its first tracking week, according to Luminate, following its Oct. 28 release. JIN joins J-Hope, Jung Kook, RM, Suga and V as the sixth member of BTS to rule Emerging Artists solo.

Who started BTS?

Débuting in 2013, BTS was the creation of the producer and songwriter Bang Si-Hyuk and his K-pop label, Big Hit Entertainment.