How hard is it to get hired by the FBI?

The FBI accepts fewer than 20% of applicants, making jobs within the bureau highly competitive. Applicants typically begin their candidacy through one of the FBI's various entry programs, all of which are tailored to specific FBI career tracks.

Is becoming an FBI agent hard?

Becoming an FBI agent is a tremendously difficult and competitive process. It takes years of time, planning, and hard work to mold yourself into the kind of candidate the FBI is looking to hire, and the hiring process itself can take a year or longer.

What GPA do you need to work for the FBI?

Students must have and maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) throughout the application process (or, for collegiate hires, through graduation). Honors interns must maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout the program.

What disqualifies you from FBI?


These include: Non-U.S. citizenship. Conviction of a felony (Special Agent candidates only: conviction of a domestic violence misdemeanor or more serious offense) Violation of the FBI Employment Drug Policy (please see below for additional details)

How long does it take to get hired with FBI?

How long does it take to become an FBI agent? It can take seven or more years to meet the minimum qualifications to become an FBI agent, and if one is accepted into training, it will take another 20 weeks to graduate. What does an FBI agent earn? New FBI agents earn between $61,100 and $69,900 their first year.

Want to Become an FBI Agent? Here’s How

How old is the youngest FBI agent?

You must be at least 23 years old at the time of your appointment. You must also be younger than 37, unless you qualify for an age waiver available to veterans.

What percentage of FBI applicants get?

The FBI accepts fewer than 20% of applicants, making jobs within the bureau highly competitive. Applicants typically begin their candidacy through one of the FBI's various entry programs, all of which are tailored to specific FBI career tracks.

What does the FBI look for when hiring?

FBI special agents must: Adhere to standards of conduct and maintain honesty and integrity. Undergo a background investigation, credit checks and a polygraph test in order to obtain a Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Clearance. Achieve and maintain required fitness levels.

Do you have to pass a fitness test to join the FBI?

You must pass the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) to ensure you will be able to safely and successfully complete training at the FBI Academy and effectively respond to situations on the job.

Do you have to be a certain weight to join the FBI?

There are no weight limits, but agents have to achieve certain requirements in four different exercises depending on their age and gender. The threshold to pass is not nearly as high as it is for military commandos or hostage rescue-team members.

What degree is best for FBI?

  • Criminal Justice. When it comes to those working at the FBI, the most common degree is a bachelor's in criminal justice. ...
  • Computer Science. ...
  • Cybersecurity. ...
  • Finance. ...
  • Forensic Accounting. ...
  • International Studies. ...
  • Public Safety Administration. ...
  • Psychology.

Can FBI agents have tattoos?

Kellie: Yeah, they are allowed. Now I would suggest that if you're looking to get a tattoo, be very judicious in where you place it, just because the image of the Academy in the FBI is extremely important. So just be judicious in your placement of your tattoo.

What degree do most FBI agents have?

All FBI agents must hold a bachelor's degree at minimum, and many possess a master's degree or higher. FBI agents often earn degrees in fields such as criminal justice or political science, though the Bureau does not maintain any specific academic major requirements for applicants.

Do FBI trainees get paid?

Salary and Compensation: New Special Agents, called New Agent Trainees or NATs, are paid on the GL schedule for Federal Law Enforcement Officers (LEO), beginning as a GL-10, step 1, while in training at Quantico.

Can FBI agents tell their families?

Can FBI agents tell their family? Most FBI agents and CIA case officers are not covert, so the majority have no issue with telling their families what they do, broadly speaking.

How long is FBI Agent Academy?

All special agents begin their career at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, for 20 weeks of intensive training at one of the world's finest law enforcement training facilities. During their time there, trainees live on campus and participate in a variety of training activities.

How many pull ups for FBI?

Complete 71 push-ups. Run 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometres) in under 9 minutes. Complete a minimum of 20 pull-ups.

How hard is the FBI written test?

The FBI Phase 1 Test, also named the FBI Test, is a tough exam, and only around 30% of test-takers manage to pass it. It lasts for 3 hours and includes various challenging questions, ranging from logic-based to behavioral questions. It's estimated that around 70% of the FBI Phase 1 test-takers fail the exam every year.

At what age do FBI agents retire?

The mandatory retirement age for special agents is 57. In rare circumstances the FBI director may grant one-year extensions, up to age 60, on a case-by-case basis.

What happens if you fail FBI polygraph?

If you fail the FBI polygraph, you'll be barred for life from FBI employment.

Do you move a lot in the FBI?

Many FBI agents work at the official FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., while others work in regional offices around the country in cities like Albuquerque, Indianapolis, Seattle, Kansas City, and Miami. The FBI can call on agents to change locations at any time, so agents often move around.

Can you fail the FBI Academy?

Good news, the 1811 academy environment is not set up to fail candidates.

What qualities does the FBI look for?

For the special agent position, they include leadership, collaboration, organizing and planning, problem-solving/judgment, flexibility/adaptability, initiative and communication. The competencies serve as indicators that demonstrate that you have the skills to do the job.

Can FBI agents have social media?

While there are no specific regulations prohibiting an FBI agent from having an active Facebook account, social media can directly impact the results of a comprehensive background investigation.

How old are most FBI recruits?

The FBI says agents have to be at least 23 years old when they join and no older than 36. After 20 years in service, they retire on a government pension, Fed Week says, though the FBI can exempt a small number of agents. Everyone working at the FBI falls into an age range defined by those FBI requirements.