How do I energize my INFJ?

INFJ personality types tend to be motivated and energized by...
  1. Making a positive difference in the world.
  2. Taking private time for themselves.
  3. Solving complex problems with creative thinking.
  4. Connecting to others on a deeper level.
  5. Following a set routine each day.

What activities make an INFJ happy?

21 Hobbies That INFJs Love
  • Appreciating Nature. INFJs often love to spend time in nature, especially alone time. ...
  • Art. Making and appreciating art is another favorite hobby for INFJs. ...
  • Conversation. INFJs often enjoy deep, intellectual conversation. ...
  • Cooking and Baking. ...
  • Crafting. ...
  • Cultural Events. ...
  • Dance. ...
  • Daydreaming.

Why do INFJs have low energy?

INFJs are very aware of other people's moods and feelings and can feel them themselves, leading them to be exhausted. Because they feel so misunderstood, INFJs don't often share their deep feelings with others.

How do INFJs recharge?

As introverts, the key way that INFJs recharge is through alone time. They find happiness within themselves, but they can't do so if they're distracted by other people and energies around them.

How do you make INFJ feel appreciated?

With that said, here are seven ways to show love to an INFJ personality.
How to Love an INFJ
  1. Hugs are important. ...
  2. Your encouragement matters. ...
  3. Remind us to take care of ourselves. ...
  4. Take an interest in our creative pursuits. ...
  5. Be honest. ...
  6. Appreciate our occasional adventurous side. ...
  7. Be “alone” with us.

How to Unblock Your INFJ Intuition

What comforts an INFJ?

The INFJ. When you're feeling especially down, you find comfort in getting some time to yourself in a peaceful, quiet environment. Being able to wrap up in a blanket and listen to a favorite song or read a favorite book can be calming for you. It can also be helpful to take care of yourself physically.

What superpower would INFJs have?

INFJs have an uncanny ability to read people and events, and very often, we can predict what will happen. We're not always right, but generally we hit the mark. How do we do this? We notice patterns in human behavior, we read body language well, and we pay attention to how people interact.

Do INFJs get tired easily?

INFJs aren't the only personality type to suffer from emotional burnout and exhaustion, but it's a common problem that almost all INFJs experience at some point in their lives.

What do INFJs crave the most?

INFJs are looking for not just physical intimacy, but emotional intimacy. They don't want an “instagram relationship” where their partner only tells them what they want to hear or what looks good on paper. They want vulnerability, honesty, and deep understanding.

What do INFJs do when stressed?

For the INFJ, stress can start out by making us more true-to-type. A stressed INFJ might disappear from the world for a while and ignore texts, phone calls, and responsibilities. After a while, they might call up a good friend and vent about their struggles and fears.

What drains an INFJ?

INFJs tend to be especially drained by conflict with others. They're likely to avoid tension as much as they can, which may lead them to withhold information due to a fear of causing conflict.

How do you overcome INFJ weakness?

See your weaknesses for what they are, and seek to overcome them. Especially, strive to use your judgment against your internal ideas and intuitions, rather than as a means of disregarding other people's ideas. Talk Through Your Thoughts. You need to step through your intuitions in order to put them into perspective.

What is an INFJ biggest weakness?

Advocate (INFJ) Weaknesses

Reluctant to Open Up – Advocates value honesty and authenticity, but they're also private. They may find it difficult to open up and be vulnerable about their struggles, not wanting to burden someone else with their issues.

What motivates an INFJ?

They love predictability and are motivated by goals, routines, and organization. When their environment feels reliable and consistent, INFJs are likely to feel most safe and secure, which means they're able to work confidently. When INFJs are able to engage in energizing tasks, they'll feel happier and more productive.

What do INFJs want out of life?

The INFJ feels an intrinsic drive to do what they can to make the world a better place. INFJs want a meaningful life and deep connections with other people. They do not tend to share themselves freely but appreciate emotional intimacy with a select, committed few.

What gifts do INFJ like?

Being able to share a meaningful moment with a loved one meant much more than a gift card or an object of any kind. Experiences INFJs mentioned included vacations, camping trips, dinner and a movie, kayaking, stargazing, or even a board game to play together!

What is the love language of INFJ?

According to Priebe's survey, 35.67% of INFJs list “Quality Time” as their preferred love language. This is followed by Words of Affirmation (25.54%), Physical Touch (21.83%), Acts of Service (14.04%), and Gifts (2.92%).

How do INFJs act around their crush?

When I surveyed INFJs about their flirting styles, more than anything, they expressed a deep desire to connect emotionally with someone they liked. They will be more emotionally open, express more of their deeper longings, and become more vulnerable with you if they like you.

What animal represents an INFJ?

INFJ – The Humpback Whale

Empathetic, protective, and even introverted – these gentle giants are the closest animal we could find to embodying the INFJ personality type.

Is life hard for INFJ?

INFJs often have a hard time loving themselves, even though there's so much to the personality type to be loved. You may live with the trauma of being misunderstood and pushed to the side and live with a harsh inner critic.

What makes INFJs uncomfortable?

Reading too much into a situation

INFJs can appear very awkward when their intuition kicks in and they start reading into a situation. For instance, if someone is being sweeter to the boss than usual, you may infer that they are doing it to get ahead at work.

Why are INFJs prone to burnout?

INFJs and ENFJs combine their intuitive and feeling sides to absorb the emotions of others. All feeling types are prone to some form of empathy burnout, but INFJs and ENFJs seem to struggle with this the most on a day-to-day basis.

Can INFJ read minds?

As far as being psychic, the INFJ can't read minds or literally see into someone's future. They rely on their advanced intuition to scan through loads of sensory information and grasp patterns and connections that give them clues about what may happen in the future.

How does INFJ brain work?

INFJ Brain Activity

People with the INFJ personality type show 49% of their pre-frontal activity on the left side of their brain, and 51% of their pre-frontal activity on the right side of their brain. INFJs (and INTJs) use a whole-brain, zen-like pattern regularly.

What is the best job for an INFJ?

Often, INFJs choose careers in helping professions like health care, education, or counseling. INFJs are thinkers by nature and appreciate careers that allow them to use their intellect on problems that interest them.
Counseling and Social Service
  • Clinical Psychologist.
  • Counselor.
  • Social Worker.
  • Speech Pathologist.
  • Clergy.