Has elf on a Shelf been banned?

Leonard II, in a blistering decision, banned the elf, a stuffed toy that serves as a lookout for Santa around the world. Santa Claus may have to find a new way to spy on children in Cobb County, Georgia after a blistering court decision banning the Elf on the Shelf in homes throughout the area.

Why was Elf on a Shelf banned?

The elves, Robert D. Leonard II wrote, “represent a distraction to school students and a risk to the emotional health and well being of Cobb's young children.”

What is the controversy with Elf on the Shelf?

Controversies of the Elf on the Shelf

Some argue that imagination requires pretending, and to pretend that the Elf on the Shelf comes to life at night would require knowing that it does not actually do so. Many others have a broader definition of imagination that includes pretending but does not require it.

Why was the Elf on the Shelf recalled?

“The Court finds “The Elf on the Shelf” hereinafter “Elves” represent a distraction to school students a risk to the emotional health and well being of Cobb's young children,” the judge wrote in the faux order.

What judge banned Elf on the Shelf?

We're talking about some parents who are just tired of the annual Elf on the Shelf tradition. And on Georgia judge is trying to help them out. Cobb County judge Robert Leonard has issued an executive order banishing the elf from the county.


Why shouldn't teachers do Elf on the Shelf?

It erodes intrinsic motivation

As a classroom management system, the Elf on the Shelf is pretty terrible. Having a spy in the classroom doesn't exactly promote an environment conducive to respect, kindness, and learning.

What state is banning Elf on the Shelf?

Cobb County, Georgia Superior Court Judge Robert D. Leonard II, in a blistering decision, banned the elf, a stuffed toy that serves as a lookout for Santa around the world.

Why did Georgia ban Elf on the Shelf?

"The court finds 'The Elf on the Shelf,' hereinafter 'Elves' represent a distraction to school students and a risk to the emotional health and wellbeing of Cobb's young children," the order read. "Inexplicably, Elves sometimes move and don't move overnight.

Why are you not allowed to touch the elf?

The official Elf on the Shelf website details the three rules to follow. The first and most important rule is that you must NOT touch your Elf. If you do, they will lose all their magic - and nobody wants that to happen. When scout elves lose their magic, they can't go about their Christmas duties.

How do I get rid of Elf on the Shelf?

17 Fun Ways To Get Rid Of Your Elf On The Shelf
  1. Leave it in your kid's room, but don't bother moving it every night. ...
  2. Give it to your kids, and just have them move it themselves. ...
  3. Put it in a box addressed to Santa.
  4. Put in a box addressed to Satan.
  5. Leave it on a neighbor's doorstep, ring the doorbell, and run.

What to do if your child finds an Elf on the Shelf?

Be honest with your child.

Tell him/her that the Elf on the Shelf is something parents do to make the Christmas season a little more fun for kids, and you are sorry he/she is so smart to have figured it out too soon but Santa (or you) will be proud of him/her for letting siblings/friends continue believing in the elf.

Can parents touch the Elf on the Shelf yes or no?

Are grown-ups allowed to intervene? Santa advises that no family member touch their Elf on the Shelf, but he does describe a few rare instances when an adult may use tongs or potholders to help an elf in an urgent situation.

Does elf on a shelf cause anxiety?

Knowing that Santa's Elf is constantly watching over them can create discouragement and anxiety for kids–especially for those who struggle with impulse control or who have difficulty making good choices. Most kids' brains and bodies fire long before considering what the Elf may be reporting to Santa.

Is Santa real or is it your parents?

Santa is real in the sense that he was an actual person. Otherwise known as Saint Nicholas, his story goes all the way back to the 3rd century. He was a monk who was born in 280 A.D. in modern-day Turkey. As an only child, he was given great affection by his parents.

Can parents Touch Elf pets?

Can I touch my Elf Pets®? Yes! Elf Pets® love to be cuddled and hugged! They also love when their families play with them and include them in fun activities.

How many Elf on the Shelf can you have?

Do I need one Elf per child or one per household? The choice is yours. We have included two Nice List Certificates and two Letters to Santa in each kit, as these items are personal. All the other items can be shared as a family.

Why did Elf on the Shelf not move last night?

Elves need to wait until everyone is asleep before they can move around. If there was too much activity around the house last night, perhaps your elf only had time to get to the North Pole and back, but not enough time to find a new position. Make sure you get to bed early tonight to help them out!

Do parents move the Elf on the Shelf at night?

Elf moves back and hides in a new place in the morning. Children are allowed to send their wishes to Santa through Elf. Note: Parents should understand that there are two rules of placing the Elf on the Shelf officially. Firstly, parents should change the position of the Elf every night when their children are asleep.

Is elf Cancelled?

2023 will mark two decades since Elf was released - but Will Ferrell's 2003 holiday hit hasn't had a sequel. Here's why Elf 2 never happened.

What are the official rules to Elf on a shelf?

Official Elf on the Shelf Rules
  • Never touch Elf on the Shelf. Elves lose their magic when touched by humans. ...
  • Talk to your Elf. Your Scout Elf can't talk, but they are always listening! ...
  • Elf on the Shelf must return to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.

Can Elf on the Shelf talk to you?

Even though your family can't talk to your elf directly while they are at the North Pole, you can keep in touch and let them know you're thinking of them – talk to your Elf on the Shelf® either online, by post, or keep up to date with their magical adventures!

Is Elf on the Shelf a real tradition?

The Elf on the Shelf tradition started back in 2005 when Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell, self-published the book “The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition” along with a special box with a small Scout Elf inside.

Does Elf on the Shelf help with behavior?

It will nourish your child's mind and self-esteem. It will also reward you, as a parent, with good behavior from your child on a more consistent basis. While holidays may lead to occasional chaos, they also open the door for unique teaching opportunities. For example: the Elf on the Shelf.

When should parents put out the elf on the shelf?

When does Elf on the Shelf come? The Elf on the Shelf website recommends your Elf arrive between November 24 through December 1. This is also known as Scout Elf Return week, a.k.a. the time when Santa's little helpers flee the North Pole and head out to the houses they'll be staying at until Christmas.

How do Elf on the Shelf lose their magic?

Once your Scout Elf has their magic, they must preserve it as much as they can. Your family can help by never touching your elf. If you accidentally touch your elf, they could lose their magic and be unable to fly to the North Pole.
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