Does Meredith date after Derek dies?

Nathan Riggs
After Derek's death, Meredith opts to avoid romance but falls into an entanglement of complication with Riggs. The two grow closer and closer as Meredith becomes more comfortable in opening herself up to love again.

Who did Meredith Grey end up with?

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Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) has found happiness with Dr. Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) after the two reconnected this season on Grey's Anatomy. There's just one problem: They live in different states.

Does Meredith ever date again?

William Thorpe

William (played by Scott Elrod) was the first man Mer dated after the passing of Derek, so it was tragic for everyone. After avoiding him for quite a bit, they finally started dating and eventually did the deed.

When dies Derek and Meredith get together?

In early season three, Meredith decided to date both of them for a while. This continued for a little bit until Meredith decided Derek was the one for her in What I Am, 3x04, after she had an appendectomy.

How long was Meredith away after Derek died?

Drama Rundown: Meredith goes missing for an entire year (it's only one episode) to cope with the loss of her husband — when she pops up again, surprise! She is giving birth to her and Derek's third child, Ellis. She moves back into her mother's house, where Maggie and Amelia eventually join her.

Meredith Confronts the Doctor Who Killed Derek - Grey's Anatomy

Is Meredith pregnant after Derek dies?

As we all know, our beloved Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) died during the April 23 episode of Grey's Anatomy. But did you know that Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) was pregnant with Derek's baby when her husband passed away? Watch the video above to meet baby Ellis, Mer-Der's beautiful daughter!

Did Cristina Yang go to Derek's funeral?

Grey's Anatomy fans can breathe a sigh of relief: Cristina was there for Meredith during the most painful time of her life. Kevin McKidd tells TVLine that Cristina did in fact show up to Derek's funeral last spring to console her grieving BFF.

Who Meredith loves after Derek?

Nathan Riggs

After Derek's death, Meredith opts to avoid romance but falls into an entanglement of complication with Riggs. The two grow closer and closer as Meredith becomes more comfortable in opening herself up to love again.

Does Meredith ever get Alzheimer's?

Symptoms usually develop slowly and get worse over time, becoming severe enough to interfere with daily tasks. It's the disease that led to the demise of Ellis Grey (Kate Burton), Meredith's mother, in season 3, and Meredith tested positive for several genetic markers for Alzheimer's in season 9.

Who does Cristina end up with?

Cristina Yang & Owen Hunt – After the shooting, Cristina and Owen decided to get married. She wouldn't wear white though. Cristina though it was “sexist and vaguely racist."

Does Meredith become deaf?

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) address the injuries, Meredith realizes she is unable to speak. They soon discover that she's lost her hearing as a result of the beating she endured. The episode then draws into silence as it is shown from Meredith's perspective, who is unable to hear, or speak.

What happens to Meredith after Derek dies?

After the funeral, Meredith goes AWOL. No one knows where she is, and except for a note left behind that says she and the kids are okay, no one can reach her to ask her whereabouts.

Is Meredith leaving GREY Sloan?

After 19 seasons, Dr Meredith Grey is saying goodbye to Grey Sloan memorial hospital as Ellen Pompeo has confirmed she is leaving Grey's Anatomy. After years of rumours that the actress was planning to leave the ABC show, Ellen took to Instagram to announce her departure as the series' lead.

What happens to Meredith in the end?

To make Meredith's move even more permanent, her house burned to the ground with only the post-it she and Derek wrote their vows on surviving. Still, no one was hurt and Meredith wrapped her last day at Grey Sloan in high spirits, being toasted by all her colleagues.

Who moves in with Meredith after Derek dies?

Meredith and Her Roommates

After a one night stand and her first days at Seattle Grace Hospital, Meredith decided she'd stay in the house and got Ellis to sign over the estate. Meredith put up a notice for roommates and chose Izzie Stevens and George O'Malley.

Does Cristina Yang come back?

It's been 7 years or so since we said goodbye to Yang, who left Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to go and work at a specialist hospital in Switzerland. While her character has been mentioned multiple times on the show since her departure, Oh herself has never returned.

Who does Maggie Pierce end up with?

As the COVID-19 pandemic worsens, Winston travels to Seattle to surprise Maggie and help out at the hospital and their relationship grows deeper. Winston soon after proposes to Maggie, and she accepts; they marry in the Season 17 finale.

Did Meredith get pregnant again?

Meredith: Following in her mother's footsteps, she takes off with the kids. After being MIA for months, viewers see her again on Christmas, where she's revealed to be pregnant. It turns out that her last romp with Derek produced the couple's third child.

Who is the guy with Meredith in season 18?

Scott Speedman was brought back as a series regular last season, Season 18, as a love interest for Meredith Grey.

Who does Alex Karev end up with?

In the fifteenth-season premiere, Alex becomes interim Chief of Surgery after Miranda Bailey takes a sabbatical. In the sixteenth season, Alex leaves the hospital to be with Izzie Stevens and their children making his final appearance in the season 16 episode "Leave a Light On."

Why did Meredith put Derek's scrub cap away?

In an emotional moment, Meredith finally put the last memento of her late husband to rest when she scrubbed up in a purple cap - and not the ferryboat one worn by McDreamy. A few fans appreciated this sign that Meredith hoped to move forward with her life, especially after those intense dream scenes.

Why did Christina leave Meredith?

Cristina was written out after the show's 10th season, leaving Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and more beloved characters behind for a new job in Switzerland. After learning that Oh would be saying goodbye, creator and showrunner Shonda Rhimes wanted to give her character the perfect ending.

How does Cristina Yang have a baby?

During her internship, Cristina has an on and off relationship with the chief of cardiothoracic surgery Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington) that leads to an accidental pregnancy.