Does Ketu cause illness?

Ketu brings in mysterious diseases, which may gradually weaken our immunity. It can also cause physical weakness, stomach pain, etc. According to Vedic astrology, planets and our birth sign are closely related to human chakras and organs.

Does Ketu affect health?

According to Astrology, natives who have Ketu dosha in horoscope suffer from health issues like depression, joint pain among others.

What are the ill effects of Ketu Dasha?

Ketu Mahadasha occurs when the Ketu is in transit in one of your houses. The Rahu Ketu Mahadasha is a state where your astrological signs give you major trouble because of the presence of Rahu and Ketu. The presence gives troubles in life, like delays in work, disputes in family, and love life.

How to remove ill effects of Ketu?

To reduce the bad effects of Ketu, donate blankets, calf, goat, sesame, grey coloured materials and iron weapons. You can also observe fasts on Tuesday and Saturday. Feed a dog; also feed Brahmins rice cooked with cereals. Helping the old and needy also helps to reduce its ill-effects.

What happens when Ketu is active?

Ketu is generally considered a malefic planet along with Rahu and is known to create difficulties and obstacles in the lives of the native. In Vedic Astrology, the shadow planet Ketu is associated with isolation, loneliness, seclusion, introverted nature, solitary confinement.

Ketu (South Node of the Moon) In Medical Astrology

Does Ketu cause depression?

There are multiple combinations of Moon with other planets that can cause mental illness/ depression. Moon with Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu can give depression.

What makes Ketu happy?

Chant the Ketu Mantra 108 times daily and do meditation regularly. It makes Ketu happy. The Mantra is – Om stram streem straus: ketve namah: 11.

Which planet is responsible for illness?

Rahu: Rahu may cause cancer, breathing problems, ulcers, cataracts, stammering problems, etc. Ketu: This is the 'karaka' planet of the abdomen. It is also responsible for wounds and flesh rotting due to insect bite. Ketu brings in mysterious diseases, which may gradually weaken our immunity.

Which God can control Ketu?

Rahu can remove all negative qualities of every planet while Ketu can emphasise every positive quality of the planet. Ruler of Ketu: According to the most popular astrology text Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, (BPHS) Ketu is related to Matsya.

Which planet controls Ketu?

Ketu, South node of the Moon, is also considered as a planet in Astrology. It is not a planet astronomically, however, due to its major impact on humans life, it is considered as a planet. The head of dragon, Rahu, is known as the North node of the planet Moon.

In which age Ketu gives good results?

When Ketu is situated at the beneficial position, it will bestow the natives with remarkable affluence and rapid growth. The growth would be so rapid that the native will acquire financial heights of 40 years at an early age in early twenties. They will have an influential and dominating social status as well.

Does Ketu affect appearance?

Ketu in 1st House-

Basically the head of the person, physical appearance, character, temperament, strengths and weaknesses are represented by this house. Ketu in ascendant gives the native a dynamic and magnetic personality. These people like to travel a lot to fulfil their sense of adventure in life.

Can Ketu give fame?

So YES – KETU has absolutely no role when it comes to giving you Fame and Wealth – BUT KETU can give you those wonderful experiences and journeys that FAME AND WEALTH CANNOT GIVE YOU!

Which planet is responsible for good health?

Moon Planet

Moon is considered to be the karaka of mind and heart. It rules Heart, lungs, left eye, breast, brain, blood, body fluids, tube feeding, intestinal, renal and lymphatic duct. Afflicted Moon can cause sleeplessness, lack of intelligence, asthma, and blood related problems.

Which planet is responsible for fever?

Each planet is responsible for certain diseases, while the Sun causes headaches, fevers and pain in the bones and heart-related problems. The Moon causes mental illnesses, blood pressure problems, coughs, tuberculosis and chest diseases.

Which food represents Ketu?

9. Ketu - those with weak ketu, like to eat food items made of paneer and khataa-chatpatta food. They suffer problems related to nerves. They also suffer from piles and acute acidity.

How do you know if Ketu is weak?

A weak Ketu leads to financial losses and also the loss of business opportunities. Loss of father's and husband's wealth is a clear sign of an inauspicious Ketu. Diseases like urinary tract infections or joint pains are caused by the negative effect of an inauspicious Ketu.

Which day is for Ketu?

To get auspicious results of Ketu, you should wear Ketu Yantra. It should be worn on Wednesday during Ketu Nakshatra.

Is Ketu responsible for divorce?

Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, if together, cause tragedies. Even if one of these planets, Rahu, Saturn, and Ketu are ill-disposed for marriage, divorce is imminent. If this condition is not met, divorce is a remote possibility. You may be annoyed with your spouse, but you will not go for separation.

How do you calm Ketu?

Remedies to pacify Ketu Dosha:
  1. To get rid of Ketu dosha, this mantra should be chanted 108 times daily - Om stram streem straus: ketve namah:
  2. To pacify the planet Ketu, light a lamp of ghee under the Peepal tree on Saturday.
  3. On Saturday, put a little Kusha and Durva in a lot of water and offer it to the root of Peepal.

Which house is responsible for good health?

"The 6th house holds a powerful placement in your chart for healing," says transformational astrologer Corina Crysler. "It rules wellness, routine, health, and daily responsibilities.

Which planet gives long life?

In Vedic astrology, Saturn is the symbol of life span and in a Kundali, the 8th house determines a person's longevity. A native will have a long life, if the Kundali has an auspicious combination of the 8th house, Saturn, Ascendant and the Lord of the Ascendant.

What is weak Ketu?

Usually considered a malefic planet, Ketu also acts as a benefic planet for specific horoscopes. When placed in the 3rd, 6th, and 11th house of a birth chart, Ketu produces mostly good results. But when it is weak, it brings detachment, diseases, loss of wealth, and trouble for children.

Can Ketu bring marriage?

Example 6.1 continued. If next Pratyantar Dasha of Ketu allows marriage, then it can take place, but if Ketu denies marriage to person, it will not happen no matter how much efforts are made.

Are Shani and Ketu friends?

Saturn and Ketu are friendly planets, but they're not friendly with each other. It means, Saturn and Ketu are enemy planets. The Saturn and Ketu conjunction, according to ancient scriptures, is a very deadly dosha that requires remedying to protect the natives from the ill effects.
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