Did Spider-Man have a kid?

In SPIDER-MAN, JJ Abrams and his son
A son is a male offspring; a boy or a man in relation to his parents. The female counterpart is a daughter.
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, Henry Abrams
, teamed up with artist Sara Pichelli and gave readers an introduction to Ben Parker, the teenage son of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

Does Spider-Man have a daughter?

In this continuity, Peter and Mary Jane have a daughter named Annie May Parker, who eventually becomes the superhero Spiderling.

How many kids does Spider-Man have?

In the universe of Spider-Man: Life Story, Peter and Mary Jane have two children.

Did Spider-Man get Black Cat pregnant?

In Spider-Man PS4s first dlc titled “the heist” black cat claims to have a son in order to get spider-mans help, this turns out to be fake.

Did Spider-Man had a kid with Black Cat?

After the credits roll, Mary Jane and Peter are sitting in their favorite diner talking about the events with Black Cat. Turns out that she doesn't actually have a son and was playing Spider-Man the entire time.

Son of Spider-Man, Spider-Man Bloodlines - Full Story | Comicstorian

Did Peter cheat on MJ with Black Cat?

Peter has never cheated on Mary Jane. The Black Cat was his on again, off again girlfriend and MJ was nothing more than a close friend during that period. The closest thing he had to a "date" with Mary Jane was a walk in the park in ASM no.

Who is the father of spider woman's baby?

Gerald Drew (Earth-616)

Who is Felicia's son?

Felicia is not Black Cat anymore but a detective. She was married to Flash Thompson and had two kids Gene Thompson and Felicity.

Does Spider-Man fall in love Black Cat?

10/13 The Two Become Lovers and Partners. Black Cat would again reappear in The Spectacular Spider-Man in 1983. Peter was overjoyed that she hadn't died, and they immediately resumed their relationship with a passionate kiss.

Why do black cats love Spider-Man?

Despite her antipathy towards men, Felicia feels a kinship with this lone hero; Spider-Man is the first man she felt she could trust and she grows to believe herself in love with him. Felicia looks for a way to earn his trust and continues with the Black Cat persona as a misguided attempt to attract his affection.

Does Spider-Man and Deadpool have a child?

The bromance (OK, maybe just romance) between Spider-Man and Deadpool is undeniably strong, so strong in fact that they actually have a shared biological child, appropriately named Itsy Bitsy—who's pretty gross and deadly.

Why can't Peter Parker have kids?

However, in a recent Marvel Comics Senior Editor Jordan D. White lays out the logic behind that choice, explaining that once Peter has a kid, suddenly him acting like a hero is way less justifiable. It's very rare for Marvel or DC Comics superheroes to have children.

Is Spider Girl Peter Parker's daughter?

Annie Parker is the daughter of Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson-Parker.

Did Spider-Man marry Mary Jane?

Marriage. In spite of Peter and Mary Jane's mutual worry that they were marrying too early, Peter's concern for her safety, and her unwillingness to give up her "party girl" lifestyle, they marry. She adds Peter's surname to her own, making her Mary Jane Watson-Parker.

Who is Peter Parker wife?

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson wed in holy matrimony! Check out the comic book wedding of the century, as the longtime couple takes the final plunge!

Is Peter Tony's son?

Fanon. Iron Dad is basically a familyship, but that doesn't mean in every case that Tony is Peter's dad. Mostly in the fandom they just have a father-son relationship, but they aren't relatives.

Who does Black Cat marry?

History. Peter Parker's life presumably mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart, up to the point where Peter was supposed to marry Mary Jane. In this reality, Peter decided not to marry MJ and cancel the wedding, which eventually led to him marrying the Black Cat instead.

Why did Black Cat and Spider-Man break up?

The main reason for the breakup is that Black Cat was only really ever interested in Spider-Man. Her surface attraction to the costumed web-slinger never matured into actual feelings for the man beneath the mask.

Who is Black Cat in love with?

Spider-Man is the first hero Black Cat encounters after beginning her career as a masked burglar, and Felicia develops a crush immediately. Not one to associate with criminals, it takes Spider-Man awhile to return the affection; but eventually, he is won over by Black Cat's charm.

Does Black Cat sleep with daredevil?

As Daredevil holds Black Cat on the ground, she tells Spider-Man he deserved to get electrocuted (by Felica, of course) and that she won't sleep with him.

Who is black cats baby daddy?

She is the only daughter of former cat-burglar Walter Hardy, the original Black Cat, who faked his death to prevent the Maggia crime families from coming after her after he refused to work for them.

Who came first Catwoman or Black Cat?

Catwoman predates Black Cat by several decades, and they're both infamous female cat burglars who wear black, skintight costumes.

Did Gwen Stacy get pregnant?

The story arc "Sins Past" by J. Michael Straczynski reveals that Gwen Stacy fell pregnant with twins after having sex with Norman Osborn, a boy and a girl to whom were given birth while in France. Gwen vowed to raise the twins with Peter Parker and refused to allow Norman access.

Does scarlet spider have a girlfriend?

The clone spent five years wandering the country. During this time he met Janine Godbe, the love of his life.
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