Can Thor control Shazam?

They both wield magic lightning in their comic book universes, but did you know Thor can take control of the source of Shazam's power? Thor's hammer Mjolnir is one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe.

Can Thor defeat Shazam?

The Battle between two powerful beings who have the power of lightning. But only one will be victorious. Thor is physically stronger than shazam on many levels ,he is more durable. Both Thor and Shazam has speed.

Can Shazam lift Thor hammer?

He's on Superman's level, though Shazam's powers are derived from magic. However, being powerful is not what makes Shazam worthy of Mjolnir. In fact, Shazam is not the one who is worthy of the hammer; Billy Batson is.

Who will win between Thor and Shazam?

Furthermore, Thor's enhancements of his abilities by the Thorforce sets him far ahead of Earth's Mightiest Mortal. Shazam may be wise, but Thor is thousands of years old, and as the All-Father, has a far greater command of magic. As long as he doesn't overtax himself, he could easily outpace his opponent.

Which God gives Shazam power?

Zeus is the godhead of the Greek pantheon, and it doesn't get much godlier than that. As such, all of Shazam's stranger powers can be attributed to Zeus. The most crucial of Zeus' gifts is the power of the lightning itself.

Can Thor Control Shazam’s Lightning? | In Hindi

Who are the 7 Shazams?

In current continuity, the Shazam Family comprises the superpowered alter egos of Billy Batson (teenaged alter-ego of Shazam/Captain Marvel) and his foster siblings: Mary Bromfield (formerly Mary Marvel), Freddy Freeman (formerly Captain Marvel Jr.), Darla Dudley, Pedro Peña, and Eugene Choi.

Who is the super powerful god?

Trimurti is considered to be the most powerful god as he is a combination of Brahma [The Creator], Vishnu [The Preserver] & Shiva [The Destroyer].

Who would win Thor or Flash?

How much faster can Thor read a 300 page book than The Flash? In a direct physical speed matchup, The Flash will definitely trounce Thor. After all, The Flash has been calculated to travel at ludicrous speed, as fast as13x the speed of light!!! Thor on the other hand, well, the best he can do is hammer speed.

How much can Thor lift?

Thor: 3,500 lb.

Assessing Thor's strength might be even harder than the Hulk.

Who can defeat Thor from DC?

Captain America

Cap is one of the few mortals able to not only lift Mjolnir but wield its full power, making him someone who can beat Thor. Assuming the reason for their battle is because Thor is possessed or tricked, Cap would be able to use Mjolnir against him.

Who Cannot lift Thor's hammer?

Here's why Steve Rogers couldn't lift Thor's hammer in Avengers: Age of Ultron but Captain America could in Avengers: Endgame. This article contains Avengers: Endgame spoilers. But you've seen it. Everyone saw it.

Can Shazam lift a planet?

Much like the Man of Steel, Shazam could move and even juggle whole planets using his strength, and could even move entire suns if need be. While his power has diminished in more modern times, he could still move meteors and falling asteroids if need be using that same strength.

Is Shazam stronger than Iron Man?

Iron Man is one of Marvel's biggest icons. Despite this, Shazam would undoubtedly beat Iron Man in a fight. There's not a lot that Iron Man could do in his base suit to hurt Shazam. Iron Man likely wouldn't be able to think of a way to beat Shazam, as magic is outside of his wheelhouse.

Who wins Hercules or Thor?

Thor is stronger than Hercules. Hercules admits it multiple times in the comics. Is shown multiple times, specially in the 70s during Gerry Conway's run in Thor were they were a team very much like Captain America and Falcon.

Who defeated Shazam?

Fans eagerly await the opportunity to see the two face off in the DCEU, and the winner will be undecided, considering Black Adam has beaten Shazam before, but Billy Batson never gives up.

Can Superman beat Shazam?

And while Superman ultimately wins, it's only because he's able to cover Batson's mouth. It seems that they were evenly matched. And despite having the Wisdom of Solomon, Superman can certainly think a bit quicker than Shazam! But even that will only get him so far.

How strong is Thor at full power?

Godlike strength: Thor has limitless strength and can power himself even more by charging himself with lightning. He was able to bend Captain America's shield, then bend it back perfectly back to shape. He's the second strongest Avenger. He is the mightiest.

How heavy is Thor's hammer?

And Mathaudhu can cite documentary sources to back him up. For example, Marvel – which publishes the Thor comics – issued a “Thor's Hammer” trading card in 1991 that states Mjolnir is made of Uru and weighs precisely 42.3 pounds. That's lighter than a herd of 300 billion mice, much less a herd of 300 billion elephants.

Can Thor lift a universe?

He also once leg-pressed a million tons worth of solid rock onto an enemy (although that failed to stop him). Notably, many of Thor's greatest feats have to do with lifting or throwing entire planets out of orbit (or objects that weigh as much as planets).

Is Thor is immortal?

Thor is Immortal, Not Invincible

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thor revealed that he was over 1500 years old. It's clear that age doesn't affect him the way it does normal mortals, as with most immortals, he is aging at a slower rate. While Thor will eventually die, it will take thousands of years for it to happen.

Can Thor travel at speed of light?

In some versions, Thor is not only one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe, but he is also one of the fastest, which is evident by his ability to travel faster than the speed of light.

How fast does Thor fly?

While in an Earth-like atmosphere, Thor generally flew at roughly the Speed of Sound, roughly 770 miles per hour. Thor could fly so fast that he is invisible to the naked eye. He has been clocked flying at three times the speed of light, and is capable of achieving speeds far greater than that.

Who created the God?

We ask, "If all things have a creator, then who created God?" Actually, only created things have a creator, so it's improper to lump God with his creation. God has revealed himself to us in the Bible as having always existed. Atheists counter that there is no reason to assume the universe was created.

Who is the first god?

Brahma is the first god in the Hindu triumvirate, or trimurti. The triumvirate consists of three gods who are responsible for the creation, upkeep and destruction of the world. The other two gods are Vishnu and Shiva. Vishnu is the preserver of the universe, while Shiva's role is to destroy it in order to re-create.

Who is the only God in the world?

God is above all comprehension, yet is acquainted with all things" [Quran 6:103] Allāh is the only God and the same God worshiped in Christianity and Judaism. (29:46).