Can I watch TV the day after LASIK?

Since your eyes are still healing, they will be especially sensitive in the first 24 hours after the LASIK procedure. Because of this, it's recommended to wait at least 24 hours before watching TV.

What should I do first 24 hours after LASIK?

LASIK surgeons recommend resting for the first 24 hours following your laser eye surgery. So avoid reading, computer work, strenuous activity, and television during this period. Don't take a shower the first day and avoid getting soap and water in your eyes for several days.

What can you do the day after LASIK?

Reading, working on the computer and watching television can be resumed 24 hours after LASIK surgery. If necessary, you may want to keep your eyes lubricated during these activities. Each person's healing pattern is unique so be sure to resume activities based on your doctor's instruction and recommendation.

What should I avoid on day of LASIK?

On the day of LASIK, don't wear makeup, perfumes, or lotions. On the day of your procedure, don't load up on heavy makeup, perfumes, or lotions. You should take a shower and make sure your face is clean of any contaminants the morning of LASIK. Make sure to skip any perfumes as well.

Can you watch television after eye surgery?

Several hours following the surgery, most patients are able to watch some television or look at a computer screen for a short period of time. It's important however that you don't over-exert your eyes during the first 24 hours post-surgery. You can expect to return to most normal activities during the first week.

Things to do after LASIK laser surgery | Frequently asked questions | Dr Rohit Shetty | English

Is it OK to look at screens after LASIK?

Give Your Eyes some Downtime after LASIK

You'll want to rest your eyes for the first day of your recovery in order to give them a chance to heal properly. As part of this rest, we recommend that you avoid looking at screens of any kind — TV, phone, computer or tablet — for 24 hours after LASIK.

How long to avoid screen time after LASIK?

It's important to give your eyes time to heal. You should avoid looking at digital devices for 24 hours after your LASIK surgery. Our laser eye surgeons advise patients to rest their eyes by keeping them closed or taking a nap.

Should I sleep a lot after LASIK?

Sleeping is a crucial time that allows your eyes to recharge and heal. After a procedure like LASIK, you may need more sleep than you normally do. This is common. If you feel tired, there's nothing wrong with a few extra hours the first week after LASIK.

Can I work on computer after LASIK surgery?

The recovery period of any eye surgery is important. It is critical that eyes don't get strained or dry during this recovery period. In most cases use of digital devices is restricted for 24 hours after Lasik. Thereafter most people are advised to slowly increase the duration of computer usage over the first 2-3 weeks.

Can I sleep sideways after LASIK?

Since your risk of infection is higher after surgery, wearing your eye shield following your procedure is very important, even when sleeping. You will need to be careful not to sleep on the side with the recovering eye in addition to wearing your eye shield.

Can I drive the next day after LASIK?

How Soon after LASIK Surgery Can I Drive? The length of time each patient must wait to drive after LASIK surgery will vary based on the individual. However, most people are given their doctor's approval to drive as soon as the day after surgery. A post-op exam will be performed the day after surgery.

Is it harder to see at night after LASIK?

Does LASIK Affect Night Vision? Vision disturbances including decreased night vision can occur immediately after a LASIK procedure, according to Mayo Clinic. However, while you may experience difficulty with night vision right after your procedure, it typically will not last beyond a few weeks.

What not to do after LASIK surgery?

Avoid pools, hot tubs, saunas, and lakes for at least 3 weeks. Avoid watching TV, reading, or using the computer for the first 24 hours as these activities may strain your eyes. Avoid rubbing your eyes. Avoid eye makeup.

Can you bend over after LASIK surgery?

You need to avoid any kind of activity that will need you to bend over at the waist as well. This can cause too much intraocular pressure. Avoid these activities until your doctor says you can take part in them again.

How long do I have to sleep with goggles after LASIK?

We typically recommend that patients wear these goggles for the remainder of the day following surgery. However, patients should wear these protective goggles while sleeping for at least the first night of recovery.

What happens if I use my phone after LASIK?

Using your phone immediately after the procedure can cause your eyes to strain, and that may negatively affect the healing process. Keeping eyes away from the screen will prevent them from straining, getting tired and drying out.

Do I have to wear glasses indoors after LASIK?

Wearing them inside and outside can protect your eyes from light and any particles in the air. You should wear your sunglasses anytime you go outside after you have LASIK. Even if you can't see the sun, it's still there. That means even on cloudy days, you should still wear sunglasses.

Why am I so tired after LASIK?

Your eye may feel numb for several hours following LASIK due to the topical anesthesia used. Grogginess or fatigue. As your body accommodates to the surgery, you may feel tired or disoriented. These side effects may be worse if you opted for sedation or anesthesia (which most patients do not require).

Can I sneeze after LASIK?

To summarize your apprehensions, shortest answer to your worries is that sneezing, blinking and moving does not have any effect on the surgery outcome.

Can I be alone after LASIK?

LASIK is an in-office procedure.

What you do need to bring is someone to drive you to and from the office and to get you home safe and comfortable. Don't try to go this alone, or expect to call a taxi afterward. As with most eye operations, you may not have fully functioning eyesight after surgery.

How do you pass the time after LASIK?

Low-maintenance activities: Going to the office or school; reading or writing. Drive short distances, if we have confirmed that you have adequate vision. Work on a computer or watch TV, but keep your eyes well lubricated.

How long after LASIK can I wash my face?

A Guide to Post-LASIK Facial Cleansing

Generally speaking, you should wait at least 24 hours after LASIK before washing your face. This is the same guideline that we give our patients for showering. As with showering, you need to avoid getting soap and water in your eyes for a minimum of several days.

How long to wear sunglasses indoors after LASIK?

How Long Should You Wear Dark Glasses After LASIK? For the first 24 hours after surgery, it's best to wear sunglasses anytime you're outside. Inside, they can help with light sensitivity. Outside, they'll protect you from UV light and potential hazards.

What do your eyes look like the day after LASIK?

For a few days, you may have blurry vision or watery eyes. Your eyes may be bloodshot for up to 3 weeks. This is because LASIK surgery can cause small blood vessels in your eye to break. Some people also find that they are sensitive to light or see starbursts or halos for 1 to 3 weeks after surgery.

Can I sleep with a fan on after LASIK?

Do not use a ceiling fan or point a fan at your face for the first two weeks, even while sleeping. This constant air will dry your eyes.