Can any Avenger beat Flash?

Despite being surrounded by Thor, Iron Man, and Wanda, Black Widow is one of the most valuable members of the Avengers team. In one of the recent Marvel issues, Natasha Romanoff has proved that she can easily beat The Flash from DC.

Who can easily beat Flash?

10 DC Characters That The Flash Always Loses To
  • 10/10 The Riddler Would Have Beaten The Flash If It Wasn't For The Help Of The Rogues.
  • 9/10 Even The Flash Fell Victim To The Influence Of Parallax.
  • 8/10 Deathstroke Always Seems To Get One Over On Wally West.
  • 7/10 The Story Of Godspeed Is A Tragedy For Barry Allen.

Can any Marvel character beat the flash?

The Flash can hit thousands of times you before you see or hear him. But there is one person in the Marvel universe the speed force can't deal with — Domino!

Can Captain Marvel defeat flash?

The Flash can have advantages against Captain Marvel in combat with his incredible speed, but his strength is no match against the level of Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel's energy blasts will also be a disadvantage for the Flash. Allen's speed would not be enough to fight against Captain Marvel.

Can Spider Man defeat Flash?

The Flash's Speed Would Overwhelm The Wall-Crawler

The Flash is so fast, he's run through time, vibrated through walls, and can throw a punch with infinite mass behind it. The fight might be close, but Spider-Man would have a difficult time slowing down the Flash enough to beat him.

10 Marvel Heroes THE FLASH Could Beat RANKED

Can flash beat black panther?

Nothing Black Panther could do would help him against the Flash. Any attack could be vibrated through and while T'Challa is much smarter than Barry, Barry knows how to use his speed as a weapon in ways that would give Black Panther a run for his money.

Who would win flash or thor?

In a direct physical speed matchup, The Flash will definitely trounce Thor. After all, The Flash has been calculated to travel at ludicrous speed, as fast as13x the speed of light!!!

Who is Flash's hardest enemy?

Gorilla Grodd is, without a doubt, one of the strongest of The Flash enemies. As his name implies, Gorilla Grodd is a large Gorilla who is highly intelligent, telepathic and capable of ripping the arms off of anyone. Grodd's city, Gorilla City is a city with close ties to The Flash's mythos.

Which Avenger can beat Reverse Flash?

Makkari is one of the Eternals and probably the fastest being on Earth. He could match Reverse Flash's speed, but it's his extra powers that win the battle for him. See, as an Eternal, Makkari also has superstrength, durability, can manipulate cosmic energy, transmute matter, and do all kinds of other things.

Can Flash beat Natasha?

Despite being surrounded by Thor, Iron Man, and Wanda, Black Widow is one of the most valuable members of the Avengers team. In one of the recent Marvel issues, Natasha Romanoff has proved that she can easily beat The Flash from DC.

Who is equal to Flash in Marvel?

Flash is the super fast superhero from DC Comics and part of the Justice League. Quicksilver is the super fast superhero from Marvel Comics and sometimes an Avenger. Comparing these two isn't something new.

Who is faster than Flash in MCU?

Quicksilver, Marvel's Answer to The Flash

Quicksilver has actually had two adaptations in superhero movies, once by Evan Peters in Fox's X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), where he had that iconic kitchen scene that really showcased his speed, as everything was slowed around him.

Can Flash solo the Avengers?

The Flash would overwhelm the Avenger with his nonstop attacks. The Flash has proven fast enough to create tornadoes and has even time-traveled. This level of speed would be too much to handle, even with Black Panther's best weapons and advanced technology.

Who else is faster than Flash?

The two fastest Flashes, Barry Allen and Wally West, are pretty much the fastest humans ever and have even outrun the Black Racer, the god of death.

Who is faster than Barry?

Wally West is the Fastest Flash and is arguably the fastest being that has ever existed, as said by Max Mercury—and it has been remarked that Wally and Barry are the only two speedsters that were fast enough to even outrun death itself.

Can DC defeat Marvel?

Beyond the fact that DC's heroes are overall more powerful, they just have too many advantages. From magic-users to Kryptonians to the Flash Family, Marvel can't match DC's power, and even the mutants would fall against a concerted assault by just a team of Flashes.

Can the Hulk beat Flash?

Hurting the Hulk would be hard for the Flash, especially since every missed attack would make the Hulk angrier. However, the Flash can always deploy the infinite mass punch, his most devastating attack. It would be a last resort but it would give the Flash the win.

Who wins flash or Ultron?


Ultron might be fast and strong in his own merit, but The Flash is a different speedster altogether. That isn't to say Ultron is completely outmatched by The Flash, as the latter might also not be able to put a dent in Ultron's adamantium armor.

Who is the Flash biggest rival?

Edward Clariss (also known as the Rival and the Rival Flash) first appeared in Flash Comics #104 (February 1949), and was created by John Broome and Joe Kubert.

What is the weakness of Flash?

The Flash is one of DC's most formidable heroes, but it turns out his biggest fear is slipping on a banana peel and rocketing himself into space.

Who is the Flash's number 1 enemy?

The greatest villain of any Flash, Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash, has made it his life's mission to unleash as much pain as he can on the Flash Family. Coming from the far future and obsessed with Barry Allen, Reverse-Flash has gone so far as to kill Barry's mom and his wife Iris West.

Can reverse flash beat Thor?

While Reverse Flash is extremely powerful and dangerous, Thor is just too tough for him. Sure, Reverse Flash could hit Thor with the Infinite Mass Punch, the most devastating attack in a speedster's arsenal, but it wouldn't be enough to take Thor down.

Who wins Flash or dr strange?

Before dr. Strange can move his hand to stop time, the Flash punches him 100,000 times in a second, knocking him out and injuring him. 2: doctor strange is allowed to attack the flash without the flash knowing when. In this case doctor strange wins easily.