Are INFJs gentle?

What is an INFJ? If you've taken a personality test, you may already know that INFJs are the Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging personality type. They are gentle, caring and creative people who are highly attuned and sensitive to people's feelings.

Are INFJs delicate?

INFJs are sensitive souls who are easily overwhelmed, but they have their limits. If they feel stressed by their environment, or the people in it, they'll tend to cry or become very quiet and want to be alone. Some INFJs will be cold, sarcastic and very blunt or speak to someone only on a very superficial level.

Which personality type is the most gentle?

1. ESFJ. People who fit the ESFJ personality type can usually be recognized by their big hearts and kindly manner. ESFJs are warm and welcoming and their love of tradition means they value good old-fashioned manners highly.

Are INFJs harsh?

INFJ's like to give advice when they see the situation from different angles or know something from experience. It's often seen as harsh, judgemental and even cruel.

Do INFJ get annoyed easily?

Because INFJs are so naturally aware of harmony levels and emotional needs, they are irritated by people who seem tactless, rude, mean-spirited, troll-ish, or unnecessarily disruptive. In situations where someone is corrupting the emotional atmosphere for their own selfish gains, an INFJ can become severely angered.

Why are INFJs Spiritually Gifted

What scares INFJ the most?

The Top 10 Things That Terrify INFJs
  • Humanity's Potential for Evil. INFJs crave a world where equality, compassion, and freedom reign. ...
  • Death or Loss of Children. ...
  • Phone Calls. ...
  • Crowds. ...
  • Ghosts. ...
  • Insanity. ...
  • Abandonment. ...
  • The Supernatural.

What do INFJs do when stressed?

For the INFJ, stress can start out by making us more true-to-type. A stressed INFJ might disappear from the world for a while and ignore texts, phone calls, and responsibilities. After a while, they might call up a good friend and vent about their struggles and fears.

What happens when you hurt an INFJ?

When INFJs are continually hurt or hurt bad enough, they slam the door on that toxic relationship. The well-known INFJ door slam isn't about punishing the other person. It's about protecting ourselves from more hurt. Even though many INFJs can seem to have a cold exterior, our hearts are soft.

What makes an INFJ sad?

Stressed or unhappy INFJs are often tired of trying to make people feel good. They stop caring what people think and about “blending in” socially. In fact, they may feel a sense of relief in laying out criticisms, nitpicking other people's statements, or even starting a debate over the logic of something.

When an INFJ goes quiet?

What happens when an INFJ gets mad? INFJs often lock out their emotions when they're upset. These often try to process their thoughts before reacting, which is why they might keep quiet or shut people out when aggrieved. The last thing they'd want to do is to react without consideration.

Which personality is the quietest?

ISFPs are introverted. They tend to be reserved and quiet, especially around people they do not know well. They prefer spending time with a close group of family and friends. ISFPs are very private and keep their true feelings to themselves.

What is the Chillest personality type?

Most Chill: ISTPs are like zen-masters. Their default state of mind in the face of adversity is calm, intense confidence.

Which personality type is the least talkative?

Introverted Feeling (Fi), by contrast, is an intrapersonal function. Whenever possible, it prefers to handle emotional issues inwardly and independently. This is why ISFPs, who use Fi as their dominant function, are among the least talkative of all types.

Are INFJs touchy?

Physical Touch is something many INFJs are cautious about. You'll rarely find INFJs engaging in casual touch with just anyone. Touch (even something as simple as a hug or a pat on the shoulder) is usually something we only enjoy from people we trust and are very close to.

Are all INFJs soft-spoken?

These characteristics include: Compassionate: With their strong sense of intuition and emotional understanding, INFJs can be soft-spoken and empathetic. This does not mean that they are pushovers, however. INFJs have deeply held beliefs and the ability to act decisively to get what they want.

Why are INFJs so hard to understand?

INFJs often feel misunderstood. Perhaps it's because they're quiet and reserved and tend to share their deepest thoughts and feelings only with select people. Or maybe it's because they are so rare—personality test research shows they make up less than 1% of the population.

What drains an INFJ?

INFJs tend to be especially drained by conflict with others. They're likely to avoid tension as much as they can, which may lead them to withhold information due to a fear of causing conflict.

What annoys INFJ the most?

INFJs detest attention-seeking behaviors and melodrama. Their strong intuition combined with their awareness of emotions makes it easy for them to spot when someone is being fake or is always seeking the spotlight. Emotionally manipulative movies and TV shows also get on their nerves.

What should you not say to an INFJ?

7 things you should never say to an INFJ
  • “Calm down!” As we've just found out, INFJs are highly sensitive. ...
  • “You're just not trying hard enough.” ...
  • “I'm fine.” — when you know you aren't. ...
  • “No one will ever understand you.” ...
  • “You're doing too much.” ...
  • “You make it difficult to love you.” ...
  • “You're so boring.

What does a toxic INFJ look like?

INFJs that are unhealthy take things to heart quite easily. They take any criticism personally and can easily conjure up a "me vs the world" situation in their heads. Similar to the way a narcissist holds grudges, someone with an unhealthy personality might grow resentful of others that unintentionally hurt them.

How do you know if an INFJ likes you?

INFJs tend to be guarded about their physical space, except for when it comes to family and VERY close friends. If they're finding excuses to touch your hand, bump up against you, or hug you, then it probably means they have feelings for you. Keep in mind, some INFJs will still feel too shy to get very close to you.

When an INFJ is heartbroken?

A heartbroken INFJ might think they should never have trusted this person in the first place and eat themselves up with guilt. They might get angry and defensive, scared of ever letting another person in. It's okay to feel those things, but it's not healthy to stay there long-term.

What comforts an INFJ?

The INFJ. When you're feeling especially down, you find comfort in getting some time to yourself in a peaceful, quiet environment. Being able to wrap up in a blanket and listen to a favorite song or read a favorite book can be calming for you. It can also be helpful to take care of yourself physically.

How do you calm an INFJ?

Spend Time in Nature. INFJs in the grip of Extraverted Sensing can be greatly helped by spending time outdoors in a peaceful setting. Taking a walk through the woods, sitting by a quiet stream, or laying out in the grass can help them to calm their heads.

How do INFJs respond to trauma?

Because of how INFJs deal with past pain, they're likely to have similar reactions to trauma. These include: Avoiding people, places, or things that remind them of the trauma. Experiencing fear and anxiety about the outside world.
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