5 Tips To Create A Great Custom Box Design

Create A Custom Box Design

One of the most critical elements of marketing is the product package design. Having a captivating packaging design must involve a psychological connection. Keep in mind that a custom box design is a way that consumers identify the product.

A product package design should provide what the customer wants. It is vital to avoid packaging that prevents people from buying.

Products are usually evaluated by their packaging even before a person buys it. It is essential to create a great custom box design to boost sales and optimize performance. Remember, the packaging is critical if you want to increase your company’s sales.

Here are five tips for creating an attractive product package design.

1. Think About Your Product

Before you start a custom box design, you need to answer three questions that are:

  • What is the product? – Answering this question will help you design the proper packaging for your product needs. It’s not the same creating a box for a candle than for clothes.
  • Who is your customer? – Knowing who your customer is the only way you can create a product package appealing for them. You can’t start the design process without know who is buying your product.
  • Where is your product going to be sold? – It is essential to consider how customers will purchase the product before you start designing the package. The key is to stand out from the competition.
think on your product custom packaging

2. Create An Attractive Package

Your product package is what your customers first engage with, and that is why it is so important to have a product design strategy. Make sure to have a high-quality packaging design as you want to draw attention from a distance.

You can add different packaging elements to catch the eye from the crowd. Always design your package, depending on your target audience.

For instance, you can use bright colors to grab attention and/or decorative elements to create visual appeal. Remember, you can combine all of these elements to design a highly attractive packaging design for your company.

create an attractive custom packaging

3. Represent Your Brand

Your packaging must represent your brand, and it should include:

  • Colors – Your package should include the CMYK values or Pantone Matching Values specifically from your brand. 
  • Logo – If you are going to add your logo on the box, make sure to have a vector file.
  • Fonts – Remain consistent and use the correct fonts on all your packages.

Like Tiffany & CO and its unique blue packaging that it’s recognized everywhere.

Tiffany unique blue box

4. Make It Simple

Do not try to overdo a product’s packaging as it can have a negative effect.

The primary function of the package is to ensure the products are ready for shipment. The product must be easy to move, and it should include warning and instructions, and protect the item.

Please take note that a custom box design can be expensive, so if it is done without a strategy, it is a waste of money.

simple custom box packaging

5. Be Unique

An effective product package design must be unique to attract customers. A package is unique when it captures the attention from a distance and boosts the customers’ interest in the product.

The packaging design should be visually attractive and stand out from the competition. For instance, if most of your competitors use square boxes, you can try a unique structure or change the size.

unique custom packaging box

Bottom Line

An attractive and practical packaging design works well for the distribution system and boosts sales at the store. Before you start your packaging design, it is vital to ask people what they think about the package. If the package design is not communicating what you want, go back to your plan and change it.