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Worst Branding Remakes

Worst Branding Remakes

Advertising is everything for a company. Whether you are in the entertainment market or the non-profit sector, branding and promoting are key components to seeing your organization succeed. While it is important to evolve your brand as times change and company goals change, some companies were unable to transition from their old brands to their new ones, resulting in some of the worst branding remakes on the market.

Bud Light

Bud Light is a staple beer in any bar, party, or BBQ you might attend. Budweiser has long been a member of the traditional “American” beers on the shelves of grocery stores and high-end beer retailers alike, in part because Budweiser has always promoted drinking responsibly, and looking out for one’s “fellow American.” However, a few years ago, Bud Light changed up its packaging for the worse when it added the printed tagline, “Remove no from your vocabulary for the night.” While that line can be viewed as encourage partiers to be adventurous, what makes this among the worst branding mistakes is that it can also be interpreted as removing the idea of consent from engagements with a sexual partner. Bud Light quickly recalled the cans and this worst branding campaign.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret has often come under fire as having among the worst branding mistakes in the female clothing retail market. The lingerie retailer has long advertised skinny, lanky women as being the “ideal” for all women across the globe. As times have changed, however, movements have begun to promote “real” women in clothing ads as a way to accept all women for their lovely, natural selves. Victoria’s Secret did not get that memo, and instead launched a “Perfect Body” collection of lingerie, whose campaign ad featured tall, skinny, primarily Caucasian women – not what you think of when trying to promote body acceptance. The lingerie store quickly changed the campaign to, “A Body for Every Body.”

Del Monte Fruit

When we talk about branding, rarely do food companies come to mind. However, one of the worst branding mistakes that is still occurring today is that Del Monte Fruit chooses to package almost all of its organic fruits in thick, non-biodegradable plastic bags. While the company may argue that this helps to protect the often more delicate organic fruits, the thousands of pounds in waste and intense air pollution created by the bags far outweighs any “protective” benefits.


The technology-based insurance giant Esurance faced a worst branding mistake when it created the logo, “Cover your home in one click.” Seems pretty harmless, right? Wrong. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that phrase, when printed in the lowercase font that is the hallmark of all Esurance publications, the word “click” looks like the vulgar word that would be created if the “c” and the “l” in the word were combined to be a “d.” You get the idea.