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Women and Electronics: White Pearl for TomTom

Women and Electronics: White Pearl for TomTom

Manufacturers of consumer electronics have ignored women as a target group for a long time. TomTom developed the White Pearl specially for them. A luxurious edition and specific content provide an elegant and pleasant navigation. Today Designers contributed significantly to concept, brand identity and packaging design of the White Pearl.

TomTom announced the White Pearl in 2009 – a special edition navigation product with a twist! The White Pearl’s stylish, pearlescent design makes the perfect gift, as well as appealing to the driver who likes a touch of glamour in their car.

Corinne Vigreux, TomTom’s managing director, said, “We designed the White Pearl to appeal to anyone wanting to give someone (or themselves) a very special gift, spicing up an already excellent navigation product with some fun, exclusivity and style. From birthdays to anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day as well as Christmas, we believe this will make an extremely useful and desirable gift.”




With a chic pearlescent finish and matching EasyPort™ folding mount, the White Pearl is a departure from the typical look and feel of a TomTom portable navigation device. The product is decorated with a subtle ‘swirl’ pattern, which is beautifully expanded on the start up screen.

Based on the TomTom ONE IQ Routes™ edition*, the White Pearl ensures that driving is safe and stress-free but also includes some brand new features : special Points of Interest such as, ‘Places to be seen’ and ‘Shop ‘til you drop’. Covering everything from restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee shops, cinemas and theatres to fashion and home furnishing stores – the White Pearl gives drivers the ability to explore new places.



The White Pearl and its mount are presented in a luxurious silk drawstring bag, which also keeps it clean and safe from any knocks and bumps.

As well as Points of Interest, the White Pearl comes with TomTom’s extremely useful Help Me! safety features, including emergency phone numbers and a ‘Where Am I?’ function – essential if the car breaks down on a journey, for example. And, as with all TomTom devices, the driver can simply plug in and go.


By G+ Author: Chris Warren.

Chris Warren
Writer for The Packaging Insider! Interested in eco-friendly packaging and unique designs for products.