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Our Favorite Wine Labels Design Packaging

Our Favorite Wine Labels Design Packaging

These wine label design concepts and projects capture the luxury of wine in details, colors and typography. A recent trend in wine label packaging uses gold leaf as a design or lettering high light. These wine label designs, shared on Behance, represent the work of international designers. Please take a look and share your thoughts in the comments section.


Marine Wine Bottles, Andriy Muzichka

Granvik Shipping SA created wine bottles, named after ships, which incorporated actual schemes with technical details. The design is intricate, but subtle. Each wine label also shares a description, which notes the bottle is not for sale. This was a limited edition bottle for Granvik employees during the holidays, shared with employees as a surprise.


VOSS, Laurie Millotte and Irene Laschi

An embossing technique and gold leaf elevate the label to a delicate look. The intertwine of tiger lilies, which grow on the vineyard, and VOSS lettering also adds to the label’s softness. VOSS vineyard only produces premium Sauvignon Blanc.


Yámana, Estudio Iuvaro

The dark colors make this bottle rich and vibrant. The leafy background complements the recent succulent trend, as well as the gold highlights. The designer adds, “This packaging shows graphic signs from rituals practiced by the Yámanas – original inhabitants from southern Argentina and Chile.”


PLÓES, Beetroot Design

Seatrips inspire this captivating wine label. The team reflects on slight ocean nuances such as “the way a sailboat is reflected in the water, the low flight of a seagull that one feather barely scratches the surface of the sea, the journey of the moon that generates light wrinkles over in water and the water element that transforms into a wave.” The colors are bold but the designs are minimalist, making for a visually appealing label.


Figula Olaszrizling 2013, Peltan-Brosz Roland and Nóra Rohmann

This wine label design focuses on the grape tree’s roots. The hand illustrated roots, which are curved and textured, circle around the label. If you look closely, you will see two small snail shells by the vineyard selection name. This symbolizes the soil’s good health. The outside packaging once again uses gold, as the richness inside waits to be unwrapped.


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