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Who’s that Girl? Packaging with a Personality

Who’s that Girl? Packaging with a Personality

We love packaging that develops an actual personality of its own. Packaging that has personality┬ábegins to the tell the story of the product as soon as you see it, and acts as an immediate “personification” of the product.┬áMany times, the personified product is illustrated in advertising; when a Balmain ad drapes Kate Moss in the clothes, posing on a leather couch, we get a more complete story of what the clothes and brand represent and how someone is meant to feel when wearing them.

When storytelling can be done through packaging, it is very impressive. Two recent examples we found that we absolutely love are Project Charisma and SOP Soap.

Project Charisma is a fictional line of make-up that was actually developed by designers to showcase the possibilities of a paper company called Polytrade Paper.

Each letter of Charisma represents a different girl, each with her unique personality. From the flowery Camilla who (probably weaves flower-crowns and loves gardening) to the brilliant colored Aurora (who is maybe a tough-girl on the outside but a dreamer on the inside), we are intrigued by all of these girls! Rounding up the line is Audrey, inspiring classic sophistication — we practically feel like we are staring in the Tiffany’s window with Ms. Hepburn!

SOP Soap is another fictional product created by an actual bath/cosmetics line in Greece. Each product is inspired by gods and goddesses from Greek mythology. We particularly like this approach, since most people already have a notion of what kind personality Zeus has compared to Hades. The colorful world of myth is transferred into these products, making it easy to day-dream about what kind of bath products Poseidon would actually use!

Both are fictional lines, but we desperately wish these products were actually available! Wouldn’t you love to wash your face with Hades and then powder your face with Aurora? Products that have a lot of personality just seem more fun — let us know what you think of Charisma and SOP in the comments!