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We are Obsessed with these Pencils

We are Obsessed with these Pencils

Perelman Pencils
Designers: Alan Temiraev, Volodenka Zotov
Illustrators: Julien Jules, Phil

There are so many reasons I am obsessed with these pencils(only via the internet–never used them.) Where to begin?

The concept behind the name is awesome; the creators write on their Facebook page:

Grigori Perelman is a Russian mathematician which proved the century-old Poincaré conjecture, one of the world’s most difficult math problems. He was awarded the Field Medal, but turned down a $1 million prize. “Why do I need a million dollars if I can control the uviverse”, he said. Our gang takes our hats off and have great respect for an old pal Grigori Perelman.

I’ve never heard of him fine, but I Wikipedia-ed him and he seems like an inspiring guy.

Reason two, is that they are square. Square pencils are rarer than they ought to be, considering I lose at least two a day from uneven surfaces, when they roll under my couch or behind my desk. The third reason is that they have the pencil “number” printed on the bottom of the pencil, as well as on the box. I know its silly but sometimes it can be a real struggle locating that little(in size not in importance) number. Lastly, the packaging is sweet! The simplicity is refreshing, and the cutout that reveals Perelman’s portrait is super creative.

I am not sure where you can purchase these, but if you know please tell me.

Elizabeth Sanchez
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