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Walmart Packaging Guidelines 2012

Walmart Packaging Guidelines 2012

Walmart and it’s suppliers are finding new ways to reduce packaging, while increasing it’s focus on sustainability.

After 5 years of developing this new technology, bulk boxes of Cheerios now eliminate the spacing gap that occurs when the product is packaged (which used to occur during shipping). You know the one! It was fairly obvious when you went to open up your bag of Cheerios, and found them halfway down the box.

The technology developed by General Mills permits the product to settle during its trip down the production line, which results in a substantial reduction in not only the packaging materials, but in the number of trucks used to transport the same amount of cereal – helping to eliminate the amount of emissions into the ozone.

Cheerios - 2 box packaging design

According to this article:

In the case of the Cheerios, the new boxes hit the shelves at Sam’s Club, Costco and BJ’s in February. Even though they contain 10 percent more cereal, the boxes are actually smaller, too: The new bulk packages consume roughly 4 percent fewer materials, resulting in an estimated reduction of 200,000 pounds of paperboard a year. That’s the equivalent of more than 1,000 trees. Between the smaller boxes and the higher volume of cereal, the boxes are now 92 percent full instead of 75 percent full, said Ron Sasine, Walmart’s senior director for private label packaging.