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Veganise! Fashion Branding

Veganise! Fashion Branding

Zuzanna Rogatty introduces Veganise, a vegan-inspired fashion collection. The clothes, packaging and online branding unite in a minimal but youthful vision. The collection’s typology and graphic design resembles the simple vegan life. Without consuming or wearing animal products like fur or leather, these shoppers  celebrate their choices. Veganise is a testament to the beauty and richness of a greener lifestyle.

go vegan sweatshirts

Veganise clothes publicize the wearer’s plant-based diet and lifestyle choices with tops declaring go vegan!, mleko sojowe (which translates to soy milk), and tofu.

sweatshort soy milk tofu

Veganise packaging is also carefully constructed. One sticker can mark the collection item, male/female, and size for the clothing enclosed in the boxed. The collection features female T-shirts, male T-shirts and unisex sweatshirts.



In December, Veganise also offered free gray scale carrot packaging. The carrot wrapping paper matches the tissue paper inside.



tissue paper


Veganise is certified by the Fair Wear Foundation and the OKEO-Tex Association’s Confidence in Textiles.


Rogatty also carried the brand identiy into its social media plan. Instagram, the brand’s strongest platform, will share photos of the collection, vegan meals and adorable, smiling vegetables. The account also runs promotions.




 Finally, the Veganise brand also translates into a webpage. Here, visitors can view and purchase the collection, since the clothes are only available in three stores.



Jacqueline Till
Forget "brown paper packages tied up with string," these are a few of my favorite packaging things.