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Unique Wine Bottle Design: CUP Mulled Wine for Autumn


You know that old saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression?” Well, this holiday season get ready to knock the socks off all of your holiday guests or party hosts! It’s time for you to be the guest that arrives in style, show up to the front door with the gift everyone else will wish they brought.

That being said, I am calling all winos, winter cocktail gurus, and adult beverage lovers everywhere.

It’s time to gather around the fire with a nice cup of mulled wine presented in a very special bottle. Have a look for yourself.

Introducing, CUP Mulled Wine

Unique wine bottle design CUP Mulled Wine

If you ask me, this bottle completely steals the show. I mean, who’s going to pick up that routine bottle of Chardonnay on the counter next to this flashy packaging.The simplicity, the curves, the style, the breaking from the norm in unique wine bottle designs. Well done.

CUP Mulled Wine Bottle multiple unique wine bottle design This unique wine bottle design reminds me that at times, we’re all a little off balance, skewed, maybe even a little lop-sided, right? Imperfection is a positive thing, and if you disagree well, desperate times call for… more wine!

Take a look at some of the inspiration behind the unique wine bottle design of the CUP Mulled Wine bottle!

CUP Mulled Wine Bottle sketch of unique wine bottle design

For the sake of open-minded wine shopping, let’s take a look at another unique wine bottle design! This different, and well, slightly eerie bottle is both similar and different to the CUP Mulled Wine bottle. Both of these bottles speak to us through pure shape and design. I guess these designers were going for a less is more on the label front and a speaks-for-itself bottle design. The “heart of France” and “blood of wine” theme behind the design speaks volumes to the designer’s creativity and originality. But can everyone appreciate this artistic concept?  8a101342500205.56072266658a8-compressor I guess the designers of The Blood of Grapes had our queasy stomachs in mind when they decided to make the bottle available in white, a little less realistic and a little more easy on the eyes. Start planning for next year because The Blood of Grapes wine bottle would make an excellent addition to any Halloween party.  I think sometimes as wine shoppers we forget to branch out, a bottle that makes you stop in your tracks and stare, just might make you take a risk and buy it.

05a2b442710689.560728b890d4d-compressor Okay, back to our CUP Mulled wine unique wine bottle design for two more feature points. From a visual perspective, this fun to look at wine bottle also lends you a helping hand. With three handles on the sides, if you can’t hold on to this bottle you don’t deserve to throw a party! This unique wine bottle design also comes in a variety of colors, so yes, you can look even cooler. See a few of the eye-catching colors below.

CUP Mulled Wine Bottle Colors of unique wine bottle design GIF

So there you have it, plain and simple, the latest up and comer in unique wine bottle designs. Like what you see? Would you consider buying the CUP Mulled Wine for the holiday season? Comment below.


Julianne Stanley
Beauty is in the eye of the packaging holder