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Underwater Packaging Trends: Sony nwz-w273 Case

Underwater Packaging Trends: Sony nwz-w273 Case

Several times we have seen that the product packaging makes a big difference from your competitors, especially when the market supply is so competitive. We have to be original and in the most of the cases unique.


The first time we saw this underwater trend with Festina Profundo’s watches, where they exposed them in a really unique way, selling the waterproof watch in a transparent bag filled with distilled water. Definitely to the point demonstrating that an image says more than a thousand words

Now, presenting the Sony nwz-w273 Walkman sports mp3 player, or more important and the point the article, the PACKAGING of the Sony nwz-w273 Walkman sports mp3 player:


sony-waterproof-mp3 sonylargevergemediumlandscape1392138103996 sony


Sony became part of this underwater trend, with their own personal and unique touch, in one of the most original and accessible ways.

Sony started putting the mp3 player inside a bottle of water and sold them in humbles vending machines at gyms in New Zealand, working as a conversation starter and a distribution channel, allowing anyone to buy the product as easily as they’d buy a bottle of water, proving from the beginning the underwater quality tech Sony has always been characterized.

So, who is going to be next in this underwater packaging trend?