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All-time Favorite Oktoberfest Packaging

All-time Favorite Oktoberfest Packaging

Oktoberfest is one of the best times of the year if you are a beer-lover. Oktoberfest finds its origins in Munich, Germany, where each October, brewers and townspeople come together to eat, drink and be merry. Although Germany still holds the title of the best Oktoberfest beer, these other companies have created some great Oktoberfest packaging to showcase their version of celebrating this unique festival.

Samuel Adams

A beer doesn’t get more American than a Samuel Adams lager. However, using its New England roots, Samuel Adams created its own Oktoberfest lager called “Octoberfest Seasonal Brew.” This Oktoberfest packaging features the blue and white Samuel Adams logo we have all come to know and love along with beautiful illustrations of golden leaves and clear blue skies in the background. The oak tree in the background with the golden leaves pays homage to the New England origins of the Sam Adams beer company while still featuring Oktoberfest vibes.

Old Style

As if its name doesn’t give you a hint that their beer and Oktoberfest packaging is on point, Old Style proved its old yet creative style by designing Oktoberfest beer packaging that did a fantastic job of celebrating the tradition. The blue and white checkered design and old-English style font truly makes one feel like they are stepping back into the Medieval Ages in Europe. Likewise, the illustration of a German town on the front adds another delightful layer to this innovative Oktoberfest Packaging.

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada, one of the best known craft beers out there, went all-out with its Oktoberfest packaging this past year. While Sierra Nevada is usually known for its green and gold patterns, its Oktoberfest packaging takes a more subtle turn. The Sierra Nevada Fall Seasonal Oktoberfest lager label also features a checkered pattern, except this time it is gold and red. The middle of the label shows a beautifully illustrated German town and river, paying tribute to the small, quaint villages in Germany from which some of the world’s best beer comes.

Blue Point Brewing Company

Blue Point Brewing Company is a craft brewery that finds its roots on Long Island, New York. Its Oktoberfest packaging is among the best, featuring blue and white European mountains (we can only assume they are the Alps), an illustration of a traditional German town, and a bold “Oktoberfest” in yellow and red lettering. The Blue Point Oktoberfest packaging is in a league of its own, paying attention to even the smallest of details while still tying together one fluid image.

What are some of your favorite Oktoberfest beers? Do they have unique, beautiful, or striking Oktoberfest packaging? Let us know about your Oktoberfest packaging experiences – we would love to hear from you!

Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.