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The Barcode gets a Makeover

The Barcode gets a Makeover

Good design happens when the designer refuses to let anything impede on his/her vision. Every square inch of the surface should be used to compliment and complete the piece of design.  Steve Simpson certainly felt this way. He would not let the corporate spiritless look of the barcode breakup the whimsical and illustrative nature of his package designs. In addition, he lets you know some barcode designing tips so that you can join in on the fun! Check out his reinvented barcodes and his tips below, and find out more about him here.

•Colors can be changed but requires good contrast for scanning readability.
•The number string is only there to help the human reader interpret the barcode; change the god damn font!
•Space should be left at either end so the scanner can recognize the beginning and end of the code.
•For readability; there should be a healthy sized horizontal strip of uninterrupted code.
•Test it! Print it out and check it using a barcode reader app on your smart phone. 

Elizabeth Sanchez
Blogger about Packaging Design Trends. An advocate of new, fun packaging designs and prototypes. Supporting creative packaging designs worldwide.
  • Sheryl Ferguson

    These barcodes are damn awesome .. How create people are !!

  • Staci Holmes

    Kudos to it’s designer Steve Simpson :-)

  • Frasier Hogue

    No one could have imagined that even barcode can get such trendy and creative .. Really awesome guys!

  • Jodie Nichols

    good creativity :-)

  • Veronica Moore

    My company prints a lot of barcodes and I’ve never seen anything like this! I can definitely see barcode artwork taking off as the cool new thing to do on labels. Really well done!

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