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Multi-Sensory Tea Bag Packaging

Multi-Sensory Tea Bag Packaging

Watching tea infuse with water can be mesmerizing. Colors swirl, sink and cascade. It commences the calming experience before reaching your lips. In QuinTEAssential’s tea bag packaging, photographer Alberto Seveso incorporates this process in his design. The project obeys a kitchen cliché: we eat with our eyes. QuinTEAssential elaborates, “Our eyes tell our brain what it will taste like via a whole series of learned and natural responses, and we taste what we think we should.” This understanding led QuinTEAssential and Seveso’s tea bag packaging for the loose leaf boxes.

Using colored ink and water, Seveso’s tea bag packaging gives a taste to what’s inside. QuinTEAssential’s founder Bernadine Tay states, “I am passionate about flavour combinations and would love to take the tea drinker with me on an imaginary voyage.” Seveso honors this vision. The photos of dancing colors express a delicate, fleeting moment. The bright colors match the exotic flavors. The soft texture resembles the smoothness of tea. There’s energy awaiting for you in every box. Yet, even though the photos are powerful, QuinTEAssential also capitalizes on word association. Each box follows a theme: logo, photograph, descriptive adjectives, then flavor inspiration. This makes the tea bag packaging informative, but not tired. However, sight isn’t the only sense QuinTEAssential evokes in its packaging.

Multi-sensory Packaging

The back of the box prioritizes sound over sight, with a surprise awaiting customers. “The QR code plays a music soundtrack that’s tailored for the specific blend. The duration is also equal to the brewing time.” Incorporating multiple senses not only makes for creative packaging, but smart business. This visual experience can help online consumers make purchasing decisions (when a taste test is impossible). So before even tasting your first cup, you’ve seen and heard the flavors. QuinTEAssential’s multi-sensory approach to tea bag packaging awakens our imagination. What about yours?

To appreciate the full color and movement of each photo, please click to enlarge.

Jacqueline Till
Forget "brown paper packages tied up with string," these are a few of my favorite packaging things.