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Packaging Tips for Independent Sellers

Packaging Tips for Independent Sellers

Are you an independent seller? If the answer’s yes, we know there so many things for you to manage to be successful. However, this is not easy to do; you need tips to help guide you, especially if you’re working alone. One of the most crucial things often overlooked by independent operators is packaging. In order to help, we’ve compiled some hot packaging tips, bound to lead to increased customer ... »

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Christmas Packaging and Wrapping Paper for the Elf in You!

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is wrapping beautiful gifts, smiling from ear to ear. Okay, so I’m not the best rhymer, however, I am a serious Christmas enthusiast who knows a thing or two about presentable Christmas Packaging and Wrapping Paper. That being said, let’s take a look at some trending ideas, color schemes, and personal touches for Christmas Packaging and Wrapping Paper. After ... »

leave behind chocolate

Leave Behind Chocolate Bar

I was thoroughly confused about the thought of purposely leaving my chocolate bar behind. But alas, the packaging on these bad-boys were created for such an (incredibly clever) act by one Jessica Y. Wen. The method behind her madness for the leave-behind “Self Promoting” Chocolate bar follows: Project Idea: a leave-behind item is left behind after an interview with a prospective employ... »

cheese packaging

Out With The Conventional

We love it when packaging trends are set out to disrupt the conventional thinking of “normal” packaging. Like that of Matt Purcell,the New Zealand graphic designer with out-of-the-ordinary locks – they are purple. (Ps. We love it!) His intent: Gourmet Cheese packaging & branding design created from randomised brief factors and restrictions intending to disrupt packaging conve... »