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Luxury Packaging Ideas: Purses, Perfumes and More

When it comes to luxury packaging, you want your items to look their best, of course. Think about it: if you stuck them in a brown paper bag, the items no longer feel as special! ¬†We want to help you package your items so that they dazzle everyone who sees it! Your perfumes, watches, and purses are incomplete if they aren’t packaged and packaged well! Think glamorous and think bold when deci... »

Innovative Perfume Packaging

Innovative Perfume Packaging

Arguablely, Chanel No 5 perfume is one of the most famous early perfumes to hit the mass market. Since 1921, the scent has been associated with class and sophistication. The bottle is also an icon in its own right: the strong square shape with a rectangular cap can immediately be identified. These days, however, the designers of perfume bottles are pushing their boundaries and coming up with avant... »