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Packaging 2013


Watches packaged underwater; new packaging trend?

By G+ Author: Chris Warren. FESTINA PROFUNDO – THE DIVERS WATCH IN WATER PACKAGING This is NOT your average watch package. Art Director, Ralf Schroeder of Germany, describes the purpose of this packaging: The quality promised by Festina Profundo is that this watch stays waterproof. How can such a claim be visualized in a packaging design that satisfies a demanding target group and demonstrat... »


Packaging Trendsetting, One Eighty Cream for Men

By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez. Winner of the Stora Enso – Recreate Packaging Contest 2012, this package was design by Finnish Nikolo Kerimov, with the help of Juho Kruskopf and Arttu Kuismaf. Kerimov has the following written on his Behance profile about the project: The packaging is designed to be a sculptural, aesthetic and functional. By using the product, the packaging shapes into a differen... »