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Callegari, Luxury Olive Oil Packaging

By Elizabeth Sanchez. This pretty olive oil packaging was brought to us by advertising company Pereira & O’Dell via packaging blog The Dieline.  The Dieline describes the Callegari brand for us; Callegari Olive Oil is a new Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is imported from Spain and sold in the US. Pereira & O’Dell drew inspiration for the brand identity from the brightly colored, almo... »

90x60x90 Oil Packaging

90x60x90 Oil Packaging

A concept design for a range of olive and vegetable oils fortified with vitamins and minor nutrients. The product is for fitness-conscious people and everyone who enjoys having a healthy lifestyle. The idea of this project was to turn an everyday product into another helper to keep you fit – just as good as any waist-measuring tape or sports equipment. Its textured cap, fancy colors and elegant sh... »