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Japanese Origami Design: Kaiya Bath and Body

Japanese Origami Design: Kaiya Bath and Body

Kaiya is a brand inspired by natural traditional Japanese feminine body care products. Using origami techniques, each box is built forming a pentagon shape which forms a distinctive top. Japanese paper patterns were used to adorn the top to attract a female audience. The color of the logo changes according to the main ingredient being used in the product as well as being the accent color of each p... »


Modern Makeup Packaging Reminds us its 2013

By Elizabeth Sanchez. Here is an awesomely designed makeup line by Dafna Aizenberg of Israel. Makeup packaging already comes in so many shapes and sizes, not to mention, colors, styles, and materials. Sephora could double as a design museum, because once you have been you’ve seen an overflow of varied and top-notch design and packaging. This notion makes Aizenberg’s design all the more... »