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luxury packaging

luxury packaging

Luxury Packaging Ideas: Purses, Perfumes and More

When it comes to luxury packaging, you want your items to look their best, of course. Think about it: if you stuck them in a brown paper bag, the items no longer feel as special!  We want to help you package your items so that they dazzle everyone who sees it! Your perfumes, watches, and purses are incomplete if they aren’t packaged and packaged well! Think glamorous and think bold when deci... »

Upcoming Event: Luxe Pack New York 2014

Upcoming Event: Luxe Pack New York 2014

The Packaging Insider is happy to announce an upcoming, exciting event: Luxe Pack 2014! The New York chapter of this must-attend event will take place in New York on May 14 and 15 at Pier 92, with events also occurring in Monaco and Shanghai on different dates. If you are crazy about packaging, make decisions about company packaging or just want to keep your finger on the pulse, then you have to a... »


Watches packaged underwater; new packaging trend?

By G+ Author: Chris Warren. FESTINA PROFUNDO – THE DIVERS WATCH IN WATER PACKAGING This is NOT your average watch package. Art Director, Ralf Schroeder of Germany, describes the purpose of this packaging: The quality promised by Festina Profundo is that this watch stays waterproof. How can such a claim be visualized in a packaging design that satisfies a demanding target group and demonstrat... »


Callegari, Luxury Olive Oil Packaging

By Elizabeth Sanchez. This pretty olive oil packaging was brought to us by advertising company Pereira & O’Dell via packaging blog The Dieline.  The Dieline describes the Callegari brand for us; Callegari Olive Oil is a new Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is imported from Spain and sold in the US. Pereira & O’Dell drew inspiration for the brand identity from the brightly colored, almo... »