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Liquor Packaging

The Best of Absolut Vodka Packaging

The Best of Absolut Vodka Packaging

We can all use a drink now and then, but when you consider your next liquor of choice, think about all that it entails: the flavor, the brand, and the packaging. Because as we all know, cool-looking liquor immediately gives us way more street cred than liquor in plastic bottles. Right? Right. Check out these amazing examples of Absolut vodka packaging that will put your liquor cabinet to shame. Ps... »

Cheers Fun liquor bottles

Fun Liquor Bottles for the Manly-Man

“Drinking liquor is boring,” said no one ever. Calling all bold drinkers, risk takers and “manly men” everywhere! It’s time to experiment in the adult beverage department and expand your horizon when it comes to: Super macho and fun liquor bottles! #1 I’m all about ladies first, but this time, let’s talk liquor with the gents. First up, we have none other than the admired r... »

Festive Frizzé Liquor Bottles: Packaging Trends 2013

Festive Frizzé Liquor Bottles: Packaging Trends 2013

By G+ Author: Chris Warren. Talk about a labor of love! A liquor store shelf is not worthy of these bottles, they deserve to be displayed in the Louvre amidst the Mona Lisa. These Frizzé bottles were designed by Boris Vargas Vasquez of Argentina. The design is not for everyone. The bottles are geared far more toward those in their twenties or early thirties than towards the older crowd. However, w... »


Perfect Real-World Packaging: Absolut Vodka

By G+ Author: Chris Warren. Though all of the packages we discuss here are amazing, most are only proposals. And proposals aren’t bound by the restraints and realities of the real-world like cost, transportation, manufacturing, etc. Thus we decided to take a break from fantasy to discuss an awesome package that we’ve been able to see with our very own eyes. Absolut, besides being known... »