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Exam Survival Kit OCM- the final exam survival kit package

Final Care Package Ideas

As the summer approaches so do the finals. Students are happy about the long summer vacations and on the other hand, the sword of the exam is hanging over their necks. This is the time that will finalize their future. They will find it hard to look past the room; eating and sleeping will be kids’ most important obligations because that will provide them the energy to work hard. In order to b... »

Delectable Fruit Packaging

Delectable Fruit Packaging

This packaging for Quick Fruit was dreamt up by Marcel Buerkle.┬áNothing has made me crave fruit more than the above and below images. If I were to see these items in a grocery store I would not be able to stop myself from loading my entire cart with them. The packages are for fruit cups of kiwi, oranges and guava, but lets be real, you could convince me to eat mud if it were served in these packag... »