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Glass Bottle Packaging

Glass Bottle Packaging

Tall and skinny, short and stout, glass bottle packaging comes in all shapes and sizes. Glass bottle packaging is highly expressive, and often reflects the product contained inside the bottle. These innovative minds have gone above and beyond in this realm, using glass as an artistic medium to illustrate a variety of different concepts. Siya Siya Natural fruit juices want consumers to know how ded... »


Callegari, Luxury Olive Oil Packaging

By Elizabeth Sanchez. This pretty olive oil packaging was brought to us by advertising company Pereira & O’Dell via packaging blog The Dieline.  The Dieline describes the Callegari brand for us; Callegari Olive Oil is a new Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is imported from Spain and sold in the US. Pereira & O’Dell drew inspiration for the brand identity from the brightly colored, almo... »


Japanese Style Wine and Sake Packaging

Here we have some beautifully crafted wine packaging. Technically the beverage, titled Rice Enoir, is a rice sake. It is said to have a fruity flavor and a “brilliant balance of sweet and sour.” Sciencewerk and Roby Dwi Antono explain the message behind their design. Read more! »