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plant packaging plant with acrylic painting

Creative Plant Packaging

Giving a loved one flowers or a potted plant is probably one of the most thoughtful gifts out there – everyone loves to give them just as much they like to receive them. While picking up a growing beauty, a bunch of flowers or potted plant can seem pretty much effortless – a unique presentation is a simple way to add some meaning, style and personal touch to it. Therefore, if picking up a potted p... »

Colorful Condom Packaging with Invisibo

Colorful Condom Packaging with Invisibo

The Latex condom has been around since the 1920’s and while it was a revolution at the time, not much has changed since. This is an industry itching for an injection of innovation and freshness. Enter Invisibo – marketing themselves as the world’s first invisible condom – playing off that very lack of innovation. Their pitch is simple – the “invisibleness” of the Invisibo condom ... »