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Cosmetic Packaging

best cosmetic packaging design

Best Cosmetic Packaging Designs

A girl loves her cosmetics, but she especially loves it more when it’s beautifully packaged! The appearance of it truly makes a difference. It draws you into the product and distinguishes it from others that could very well serve the same purpose. Rather than being hidden away in a bathroom cabinet or stuffed in a drawer, these pretty products should be showcased on your dressing table. We&#... »

Cool and DIY Packaging for Bath Bombs

Cool and DIY Packaging for Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t love a great soak in the tub with your favorite scented bath bomb? Bath bombs are a great way to use scents, colors, and essential oils to de-stress, relax, and enjoy taking some time for yourself at the start or end of a long day. Here, we will explore some amazing bath bombs available for purchase, and we will also check out some awesome DIY tips so you can pack up your own! LUSH Cos... »


Amazing Proactiv Student Rebrand

Student Kate Carmack redesigned the 3-step Proactiv acne treatment packaging. Redesigning the packaging of a well-known and recognized brand can be tricky. Don’t believe me… let me convince you with this summary of that whole Tropicana mess. Big brands with very recognizable packages and branding need to approach a redesign cautiously. One major problem with the Tropicana redesign was ... »


Packaging Trendsetting, One Eighty Cream for Men

By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez. Winner of the Stora Enso – Recreate Packaging Contest 2012, this package was design by Finnish Nikolo Kerimov, with the help of Juho Kruskopf and Arttu Kuismaf. Kerimov has the following written on his Behance profile about the project: The packaging is designed to be a sculptural, aesthetic and functional. By using the product, the packaging shapes into a differen... »