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Innovative Sunglasses Packaging Designs

Innovative Sunglasses Packaging Designs

Sunglasses packaging, when done creatively and correctly, is ultimately what sells your product. It attracts, calls for attention, sends a message, and makes appeals to consumers in a certain way. Sleek, fancy, and expensive looking sunglasses package will attract anyone! Whether your intention is to package sunglasses as a gift for loved ones or you simply want to turn a profit on a pair of vinta... »

Egg carton

Friss Biotojás Re-designs Egg Travel

“We’re bringing sexy eggs back” should be the underlining tagline for the incredibly clever and minimalistic concept behind this egg carton packaging redesign. The goal for Hungarian designer Otília Erdélyi was an innovative design with a short grocery list of materials. Made of just one piece of microwaved carton, we’d say this must have been a quick check-out Ms. Erdélyi!... »