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TOGO Burger: Useful Take-Out Packaging

TOGO Burger: Useful Take-Out Packaging

Packaging concepts, from design students and professionals, patiently wait for implementation to become packaging trends. Packaging concepts offer creativity and practicality, but rival companies’ traditions and affordability. Graphic designers universally toy with green packaging, or environmentally friendly packaging, that offers useful take-out packaging for the food industry. However, fo... »

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Classic Burgers with New Designs

Greasy isn’t the first word that comes to mind when looking at these burgers. See how these packaging designs picked up on pop culture, retro and modern inspirations to offer more than McDonald’s wrapping. Hot! BBQ- Festival Created for Austria’s first hamburger festival, these crates offer style and convenience. The crate holds a hamburger and a side dish as well as two dipping ... »