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benefit cosmetics

best cosmetic packaging design

Best Cosmetic Packaging Designs

A girl loves her cosmetics, but she especially loves it more when it’s beautifully packaged! The appearance of it truly makes a difference. It draws you into the product and distinguishes it from others that could very well serve the same purpose. Rather than being hidden away in a bathroom cabinet or stuffed in a drawer, these pretty products should be showcased on your dressing table.¬†We&#... »

Benefit Cosmetics Packaging

Benefit Cosmetics Packaging

Benefit is one of my favorite beauty lines when it comes to gorgeous, adorable packaging. All the turquoise and pink packagings are just so cute and it has that ‘pin-up girl’ image to it. The brand was established in San Francisco, California, in 1976 by the two sisters Jean and Jane Ford. The sisters made this brand global, not only because of the make-up itself but mostly because of ... »